Limiting calorie intake can make you live longer

With milk tea in the left hand, cake in the right hand, burgers chewing on his mouth, and a whole fried chicken on the table… The world of food is so happy. But you know what? Being a foodie requires a price, and the price may be your lifespan!

On February 28 this year, an animal-based experimental study was published in “Cell”. The results showed that restricting caloric intake can prevent the aging of cell pathways and thus prolong life. In other words, if you want to live longer, you have to eat less.

The researchers compared the difference between mice that consumed 30% less calories and mice on a normal diet. These animals participating in diet control are between 18 months and 27 months old. (Equivalent to the age of a human being from 50 to 70 years old.)

By isolating and analyzing the cells of these mice, the researchers found that many of the changes that occurred when the mice on a normal diet got older did not appear in the mice on a restricted diet. Even in old age, many tissues and cells of animals that eat less are very similar to those of young mice.

Restricting calorie intake can lead to longer life. This study is surprising. But in fact, reasonable control of calorie intake is also quite good for the body’s health.

1. Delay aging and prevent age-related diseases

A study published in the journal Cell Metab confirmed that reducing caloric intake by 15% within two years can delay aging and metabolism, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

2, help reverse type 2 diabetes

Scientists from Yale University recently conducted studies on animal models and clarified that a very low-calorie diet can effectively reverse type 2 diabetes. The so-called very low-calorie diet means that the individual’s food intake is one-fourth of the normal situation.

3, help to reduce weight

If you consume 50 more calories a day, your annual weight will increase by 5 pounds. On the contrary, if you consume 50 calories a day, it will help to achieve the goal of weight loss. Some nutritionists said that it is not difficult to reduce calories by 50 or more per day. Drinking coffee every day reduces sugar intake, and eating toast every day with a spoonful of jam instead of butter can easily achieve the goal of reducing calories.