Milk is the perfect calcium supplement food

Milk is considered to be a nutritious food. Almost every household will be exposed to milk. From children to the elderly, people of all ages are very recognized for the nutritional value of milk. Whether it is protein supplement or calcium supplementation, the efficiency is very high. . But there is a saying that drinking milk can make people get angry. Is this true?

First of all, everyone knows that the most abundant content of milk is protein, and there is a small amount of fat and a small amount of vitamins and minerals. Some proteins and fats are relatively indigestible and absorbed by the body, requiring long-term decomposition and digestion.

For people with weak gastrointestinal function, their own digestive ability is poor, and patients with lactose intolerance can also cause stomach upset when drinking milk. These people will have symptoms such as dry stool and constipation when drinking a lot of milk. People think that drinking milk will get angry.

Everyone has an experience of getting angry in their daily lives. It does show up with dry lips, bitterness, loss of appetite, dry stools, yellow urine and so on.

However, in medicine, getting angry is a state of stress. It is an unbalanced state that the body temporarily appears after the body consumes a lot of energy. It is a pathological condition. Drinking milk at most is not digested, and does not affect the balance of the body, so it can not lead to the body to get angry.

Therefore, it is often said that drinking milk is easy to “get angry” without any scientific reason. Whenever milk is a good nutritional supplement.

What is really causing the fire is these habits:

First: don’t like to drink water

When many people are busy, they forget to drink water, which often leads to a lack of water in the body and affects the normal metabolism in the body. In the case of a lack of water in the human body, constipation and dry lips may occur.

Second: I often like spicy food.

Capsaicin can cause muscles to be stimulated and accelerate blood circulation. Generally, the spicy taste should be combined with oil, such as hot pot, hairy blood, etc. At this time, it is easy to produce an inflammatory reaction, causing the body to get angry and constipation. And urinary burning and anal burning and other symptoms of burning.

Third: I only like to eat meat, I don’t like to eat fruit.

Everyone can’t refuse the scent of fat. In contrast, the temptation of vegetables and fruits is relatively small, so most people are carnivores, which will lead to a long-term lack of vitamin C and vitamin C.

This affects the production of collagen, so it is prone to bleeding gums and oral mucosal bleeding, and symptoms of intoxication such as indigestion and constipation.

Fourth: often eat sweets

Studies have found that in the case of high blood sugar load in the body, the condition of acne is aggravated, and the body is more prone to inflammatory reactions. Therefore, people who like to eat ice cream and cakes and cheese products are more likely to get angry. Try to minimize the intake of sweets.