More benefits of eating yam in autumn

Nowadays, it is time for the harvest of yam. Yam is a representative food in potato food and is rich in nutrients. What benefits can yam bring to human health?

Providing basic calories Yam is rich in starch and can provide heat to the body after consumption. Eating the right amount of yam can provide the body with the basic calories needed daily.

Maintain normal digestion and absorption function Yam contains many enzymes such as polyphenol oxidase and amylase. These substances promote the digestion and absorption of food and have a healthy maintenance effect on gastrointestinal function.

Promotes intestinal metabolism Yam is rich in high-quality dietary fiber. Appropriate intake of such substances can delay the rise of blood sugar, can promote the metabolism of the intestine; long-term intake of appropriate amount of yam, can also avoid intestinal problems such as constipation.

Instead of some fine staple foods, it has always been recommended to use yam as a staple food, whether it is steamed yam or boiled yam, it is a good choice. Fine grain is too fine, and it lacks B vitamins and cellulosic substances. It is a good choice to replace it with yam.

Although the benefits of eating yam are high, because yam contains more starch, it is limited in consumption. It is recommended that the amount of yam consumed daily should not exceed 300 grams. This is because excessive intake can easily lead to problems such as obesity. Here are some ways to eat yam.

Fresh vegetables and yam can be fried together with other vegetables, such as fungus, peas, or broccoli and other ingredients, are a good match.

Cooked yam porridge In the process of cooking gluten, you can add yam, sweet potato and other foods, together with medlar and red dates, to enhance nutrition while making the taste better.

Steamed yam The yam is removed from the outer skin. After cutting it, put it into the pot and steam it. It is also a good choice when it is seasoned and served as a staple food.