More daily meals, faster bowel movements

We all know that a healthy diet is to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and fresh vegetables we often think of green vegetables, but often ignore a category, mushrooms, their benefits are countless

First, let ’s meet members of the mushroom family

Mushroom, fungus

So what are the benefits they bring us?

It is helpful for our usual digestion and absorption, and because it is rich in dietary fiber, it can accelerate intestinal motility and prevent constipation and facilitate excretion.

What other nutritional value do they have?

If measured in terms of protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, trace elements, etc., mushrooms contain a large number of vitamins C, E, and B, and minerals such as iron and potassium, which account for 40% to 45% of mineral elements, of which potassium It can replace sodium to provide energy for the human body. Edible mushrooms contain very little fat. 80% of them are unsaturated fatty acids. They are oleic and linoleic acids that are beneficial to the human body. They can effectively reduce the “three highs”. In addition, edible mushrooms also contain dietary fiber. Peristalsis and cleaning are also beneficial.

Eating more fungi also helps to regulate stress and relax. Can suppress anxiety and nervousness and relax. For female friends, edible fungi have the effect of eliminating free radicals, anti-oxidation and delaying aging, and are the best food for beauty.

Since the nutritional value of mushrooms is so high, we should not consciously add this dish to our daily diet.