Often drink mineral water to prevent idiots

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, “Alzheimer’s Disease” published a new study by the University of Keele in the United Kingdom, drinking 1 liter of mineral water a day can prevent cognitive impairment in patients with cognitive impairment (commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease) The ability to decline, the mechanism is to drink more silicon-rich mineral water can significantly reduce the level of neurotoxin aluminum in the body.

Aluminum has long been considered to be closely related to Alzheimer’s disease. In the new study, Professor Christopher Exxley and his colleagues asked Alzheimer’s patients to drink 1 liter of mineral water a day for 13 weeks. It was found that the cognitive ability of most patients did not decrease further. The aluminum level in a patient has decreased by 70%, and the aluminum level in most patients has decreased by 50%-60%. Brain function was significantly improved in 3 patients.

Professor Eckersley said the new study consists of two major parts. First, drinking silicon-containing mineral water can indeed eliminate the neurotoxin aluminum in the body. After drinking silicon-rich mineral water, the body’s aluminum will collect in the blood and then excreted through the urine. This treatment can be called “silicon-rich water-discharge aluminum therapy.” Another part of the study was to investigate the cognitive status of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and whether these symptoms would improve with a decrease in aluminum.

Researchers suggest that older people drink more silicon-rich mineral water to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.