Oral ulcers with banana peel boiling water conditioning

When it comes to fruit, the peels that people are accustomed to throwing away may also be a “good medicine” for preventing and treating diseases. Banana peel is one of them.

Banana skin contains nutritional ingredients such as polysaccharides, protein, vitamin C, and an effective ingredient that can inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria-helicin.

Dry the banana peel, add the traditional Chinese medicine fotan mother (also called fotan hair), boil water together, and season with an appropriate amount of brown sugar. Drinking can cure oral ulcers. Adding banana peel and rock sugar to fry and stew, drink twice a day, can cure Fenghuo toothache, and dilate blood vessels, can help lower blood pressure, prevent stroke and angina. After getting drunk, drinking a bowl will clear your boss.

In addition, people with hemorrhoids or blood in the stool, roast the banana skin on the fire, or stew the banana skin, eat while hot, can treat hemorrhoid pain and relieve the symptoms of blood in the stool.