Orange Beauty Skin Care

Hot oranges are ideal. First, clean 1-2 oranges and soak them in warm water at 40 ℃ -50 ℃ for about 1 minute. Then dry the oranges until the skin is completely free of moisture, put them in a microwave oven, and heat them for 1-2 minutes until slightly burned. In this way, the volatile oil, hesperidin, B vitamins, vitamin C, etc. in the orange peel can penetrate into the orange, which not only achieves the cosmetic effect, but also does not get angry.

Citrus peel is also called “skin peel”, which is a commonly used medicinal material. It contains volatile oil, which has a mild stimulating effect on the intestines, can help digestive juice secretion, increase appetite, and has the effect of relieving the stomach and spleen. In addition, orange peel also has cough, phlegm, and dampness.

Here are two ways to eat orange peel:

Orange peel porridge. When boiling rice porridge, put a few small pieces of clean orange peel before boiling the water. After the porridge is cooked, it is not only aromatic and delicious, but also particularly appetizing, and has a good therapeutic effect on people with abdominal distension or cough and sputum.

Baked orange peel. Collect the fresh orange peel, wash it, soak it in clear water for 2 days, then cut it into filaments, and marinate it with sugar for 20 days, it becomes a very delicious appetizer. Not only sweet and refreshing, but also the role of hangover.