Parsley yogurt can effectively relieve bad breath

In general, there are basically two reasons for odor in the mouth:

1, The mouth is not hygienic;

2, gastrointestinal dysfunction. And for whatever reason, the culprits are the bacteria. If you go to a dentist to see a doctor, he may make two suggestions:

First, eat well, that is, pay attention to diet balance, intake of enough protein and carbohydrates, and vegetables and fruits rich in various vitamins;

Second, it is best to brush your teeth or floss your teeth after a meal. In fact, there is also a method, there are several kinds of food itself is the ability to remove the bad smell of the mouth, and can prevent bad breath from recurring. They are:

First, the celery

This herb is most helpful in eliminating odors in the mouth, especially smoke. If you can’t find the celery at hand, the parsley and mint can also remove the bad smell of the mouth. In order to achieve better results, these things will be chewed as long as possible, or used for tea. In addition, these herbs are also good for digestion.

Second, yogurt

The latest research shows that daily consumption of plain yogurt can reduce the hydrogen sulfide content in the mouth, because this substance is the culprit of oral odor. Drinking yogurt on time can also prevent the production of harmful bacteria in the mouth, which can cause gum disease or plaque.

Third, the cellulose-rich fruits and vegetables include apples, carrots and celery.

These vegetables and fruits help to secrete large amounts of saliva. Saliva not only moisturizes the mouth, but also removes food debris that adheres to the teeth or is stuck in the teeth. These food residues are also one of the causes of bad breath.

Foods containing large amounts of vitamin C Berry, citrus, watermelon, and other foods that contain large amounts of vitamin C can cause the mouth to form an environment that is not conducive to bacterial growth. Regular intake of vitamin C is also very useful for the health of the gums. Vitamin C is ingested from fresh vegetables and fruits.

A secret recipe to remove bad breath:

5 grams of berberine, soaked in about 100 ml of boiling water, add 20 grams of sugar, stir well to drink twice in the morning and evening, you can find a fresh breath

Urgent measures given by the bear seed dietitian:

1, chewing gum

2, Eat a piece of hard candy that has a lemon or orange scent

3, Chew a piece of mint candy.