Please pay attention to friends who often eat bananas.

Sweet bananas, bananas; bananas are sweet and soft-smelling fruit, suitable for all ages, it is not a civilian fruit. When it comes to bananas, the words that are closely related to them are often laxative, intestines, happy, etc. For the more common tropical fruits in this life, what are the benefits of eating them often? Any kind of food that needs to be taken care of by nutrients requires some details. What should you pay attention to when eating bananas? Today, I will take you to talk about bananas.

The first point: do not eat unripe bananas

Many people like to eat the green bananas, think that such bananas are delicious to eat, but this kind of unripe bananas often cause stomach discomfort. We eat bananas with the best kind of dark spots. Bananas, such bananas are soft and sweet to eat.

Second point: refusing to fasting

When you just get up on an empty stomach or in the morning, it is best not to eat bananas directly, otherwise it is easy to cause gastrointestinal disorders. It is better to eat bananas half an hour after a meal. This is better.

The third point: can’t eat too many bananas

Although bananas are rich in nutrients, many girls will use it as a good product for weight loss, but eating too many bananas at one time can easily lead to uncomfortable bloating.

Nowadays, many bananas on the market are ripened with ripeners. We can’t distinguish them very well. The bananas that are ripened with too many ripeners are not good for our body, so we eat two at a time. Bananas are very good.

Fourth point: choose the time to eat bananas

Just before exercise, bananas can provide enough energy for the human body. Eating one or two bananas before exercise can help exercise digestion.

Fifth point: don’t put bananas in the refrigerator

Some people like to eat ice bananas, think that ice bananas are very cool and refreshing, but after the bananas are placed in the refrigerator, it is easy to get black, and eating ice bananas can easily lead to diarrhea and stomach discomfort.

Finally, many people worry that there will be ripening agents on the bananas, and if you buy too many bananas at one time, if there is a ripening agent on the surface of the banana, it will easily become black and bad, so we need to put it in the water to clean. a bit.

This method can effectively remove the ripening agent remaining on the banana surface, then dry the banana with a clean cloth, dry it and place the banana upside down, which can reduce the pressure area and greatly extend the storage time of the banana.

Bananas have many functions and effects, such as preventing high blood pressure, while quenching thirst, moistening the lungs and the intestines. The most important thing is that bananas can improve the body’s immunity. However, patients with obvious edema and need to ban salt should not eat more. The food taste of bananas is cold, so people who are cold are eating less. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of bananas.

Eating banana can prevent or treat high blood pressure

Because bananas are rich in potassium, excess sodium ions can be excreted and blood pressure is lowered. Another blood-lowering ion is calcium, so if you cut the banana into a small piece and put it in a blender with calcium-rich milk, it will become the best anti-hypertensive juice.

Increase immunity and prevent cancer

The protein in banana can stimulate the differentiation of T cells and enhance the body’s anti-cancer immunity, and it will be directly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Unlike other proteins, it will be decomposed, so it has more anti-cancer effects.

Banana can prevent and relieve constipation

Bananas contain a lot of fiber, which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, increase stool volume and help defecation. Chinese medicine reminds that fasting should not eat bananas.

Eating bananas before meals can lose weight

Bananas are easy to fill their stomachs. A banana is about the same amount as half a bowl of rice, so many people use it to lose weight. But when you lose weight, you can’t just eat bananas, but also with other low-calorie foods, so as to avoid nutritional imbalance. If you are on the health of your body, you can’t make it!

Banana contains trace element boron

Eating bananas when you are tired can quickly restore your strength. At the same time, bananas contain serotonin, a chemical that prevents stomach ulcers. Therefore, it can alleviate the stimulation of gastric mucosa by stomach acid. It is an ideal therapeutic food for patients with stomach diseases.

Eating bananas can control blood pressure

It is thought that potassium in bananas has the effect of lowering blood pressure and protecting the inner wall of arteries, and contains a large number of compounds such as angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, which have the effect of controlling blood pressure.

Eating bananas can alleviate depression

Bananas contain substances that help the brain produce serotonin, which can make people’s moods happy, relieve pain and depression. Bananas also have a stagnation and antidiarrheal effect.

Through the above sharing, I believe that many small partners have learned a lot about bananas. Happiness and health start from life. Welcome everyone to pay attention to the youth, and there will be more life skills to share with you!