Precautions for eating watermelon

Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits in summer, especially frozen watermelon is more popular, but there are many precautions to eat watermelon. Do you know that your body is suitable for eating watermelon? Let’s follow the small series to see who is not suitable for eating watermelon!

Diabetic patients

The most feared by people with diabetes is the increase in blood sugar levels in the body. Unfortunately, watermelon contains about 5% sugar and is mainly glucose, sucrose and fructose. This means that eating watermelon will cause the body’s blood sugar to increase. If it is a normal person, there is nothing wrong with it, because normal people will secrete insulin in time to keep blood sugar and urine sugar at a normal level. But people with diabetes are different. Eating too much watermelon in a short period of time will not only increase blood sugar, but also cause serious acidosis due to metabolic disorders, which is life-threatening.

Renal dysfunction

Watermelon has a high water content, and folks can generally feel that the number of watermelons is absolutely proportional to the number of times they go to the toilet. For the normal population, this is nothing, it is nothing more than a few more troubles, go to the toilet a few times, take off a few pants, but if the kidney function is not good, do not.

The hallmark feature of patients with renal insufficiency is that drainage is greatly reduced. In the case of reduced drainage, it is also possible to eat a lot of watermelons, just as the rivers are not well circulated and catch up with floods. In the human body, this type of person eats too many watermelons, causing excessive water in the body. Because the excess water can not be discharged in time, the water is stored in excess in the body and the blood volume is increased, so that the edema is not only aggravated, but also acute. Heart failure.

Oral ulcer

Chinese medicine believes that oral ulcers are caused by yin deficiency internal heat and virtual fire. Because of the diuretic effect of watermelon, if the mouth ulcers eat more watermelon, the water needed for the recovery of the oral ulcers will be excessively discharged, thereby aggravating the yin deficiency and internal heat, so that the course of the disease is endless and difficult to heal.

Weak constitution

Chinese medicine believes that watermelon is a cold food, eating more will damage the spleen and stomach. People eat food for the day. If the spleen and stomach are not good, the food they eat cannot be converted into the energy of the human body, and everything else will become virtual. Representative groups of weak people are: young children, pregnant women, menstruating women. Remind that if a woman puts her spleen and stomach too cold, her face is prone to acne and is also prone to dysmenorrhea.

In addition, people in the early stages of the cold should not eat watermelon. If you are not in these categories, congratulations, you can rest assured that you can eat watermelon.

However, even if you are normal, eating more watermelon will easily get angry. This is mainly because the diuretic effect of watermelon will hurt the body’s body fluid, causing symptoms of yin deficiency and fire, and there will be dry throat and nose bleeding. The way to avoid it is to sprinkle some salt on the watermelon so that the salt is salted into the kidney, which can avoid the damage caused by the super sweetness of the watermelon and indirectly supplement the body fluid. In addition, it is sweet, salty and watery. Hey, isn’t it the ingredient of glucose in the hospital?