Prevent osteoporosis and eat more oranges

Studies have found that eating oranges can prevent osteoporosis

According to a report by the Asahi Shimbun, a study by the Japan Fruit Research Institute found that the yellow pigment cryptoxanthin contained in citrus can increase bone mass and inhibit bone loss.

Prevent osteoporosis and eat more oranges

After menopause, women are prone to osteoporosis due to changes in hormone secretion. However, when women surveyed women in the Machida area of ​​Hamamatsu City, one of the places where the mandarin oranges were produced in Sugiura, they found that women who often eat citrus suffer. The proportion of upper osteoporosis is relatively small.

Orange is a treasure

Orange is the treasure of fruit, because its body is “treasure.”

Orange peel: The outer peel of orange is called “Chenpi” after drying (the effect is Chen, because it is good, so it is called Chenpi). It has the effects of qi and dampness, relieving phlegm and relieving cough, strengthening the spleen and stomach. It is often used to prevent chest flank. Pain, belching, bloating, breast agglomeration, stomach pain, food and other symptoms.

Orange network: that is, the white reticular silk on the top of the citrus, which has the effect of clearing phlegm, phlegm and promoting blood circulation, and is often used to treat stasis and cough. Because the orange complex is rich in vitamin P, it can effectively prevent and treat high blood pressure, and the elderly can eat more and be healthy.

Orange core: Sexual taste bitter, non-toxic, qi and pain relief, clinically used to treat testicular swelling and pain, mastitis swelling and pain.

Orange leaves: It has the effect of soothing the liver and regulating qi, reducing swelling and dispersing poison, and is an essential medicine for treating hypochondriac pain and breast pain.

Orange red: The orange peel scrapes off the inner layer of white, leaving the epidermis called “orange red”, which has the effects of regulating lung and phlegm, and is used clinically for the treatment of cough and hiccup.

Orange meat: sweet and sour, cool, into the lungs, stomach; has the effect of appetizing qi, thirst and lungs; treatment of chest separation, vomiting and eating, stomach yin deficiency, mouth thirst, lung heat cough and excessive drinking .

How to choose a good orange?

A good orange is a bright orange or dark yellow color; the bottom of the orange is a small gray circle; from the side, the end with the long handle is recessed.

Overly mature yellow, greenish green and orange with a perforated skin are all unsuccessful. The bottom is not a small circle but a small dot and the end of the long handle is generally very acid.

The skin is thin, and you can smell the scent through the orange peel. It is also a good orange to pick up some oil by hand.