Purple potato has three times higher anticancer efficacy than sweet potato?

Purple potatoes have three times the anti-cancer effect than sweet potatoes. It is recommended to eat purple potatoes.

Purple potato has three times higher anticancer efficacy than sweet potato?
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Why are sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes different in color?

The color of sweet potatoes and purple potatoes is different only because their pigment ratios are different. The color of sweet potato hearts depends on the proportion of carotenoids and anthocyanins they contain. Purple potatoes appear purple because they contain a large amount of anthocyanins, and sweet potatoes are mainly red because they contain a large amount of carotenoids.

Do different colors of sweet potatoes have different nutrition?

In fact, whether they are sweet potatoes or purple potatoes, they are members of the sweet potato family. Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam), also known as sweet potato, potato, sweet potato, etc. China is the world’s largest sweet potato producer, accounting for more than 70% of the world’s total output.

Among sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, and purple potatoes, sweet potatoes have higher sugar content and less starch, so the taste is the sweetest and softest, which is especially suitable for roasting. In the process of roasting sweet potatoes, some of the sugar and a small amount of protein will undergo a Medela reaction and a caramelization reaction, producing a delicious aroma that is irresistible. The reason why the color of sweet potatoes is red is mainly from the rich carotenoids. Some studies have found that the total carotene content of certain varieties of sweet potatoes can reach 46.1mg / 100g dry weight. In addition, there are many β-carotene in its carotenoids, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body by people after eating, which is of great benefit to help us obtain vitamin A and improve night blindness.

Purple potato is one of the most sought after sweet potatoes in recent years, and it has surpassed the trend of sweet potatoes. Purple potato is characterized by less starch but more protein and more dietary fiber, so the taste is more “crude”. The reason why purple potatoes are purple is mainly because the anthocyanin content is very high, and anthocyanins have good antioxidant capacity.

Purple potato has three times higher anticancer efficacy than sweet potato?

The reason why this is said is because everyone thinks that purple potato contains more anthocyanins, and anthocyanins have good antioxidant capacity. There is no scientific basis for this inference. First, there is not enough evidence that anthocyanins can fight cancer. The anticancer effect of anthocyanins has almost only a “so little” effect in animal and cell experiments, and the effect on humans is almost without clinical trials and evidence. Secondly, the more anthocyanins are not, the better.

The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend increasing the intake of potatoes and improving constipation. The daily intake for adults is 50-100 grams, and 50-75 grams for people over 65 years of age. Potatoes include sweet potatoes and purple potatoes.