Salt fried cumin external application can cure scapulohumeral periarthritis

Ms. Nantong of Jiangsu provided: She sat in front of the computer for many years, went to the hospital a few days ago, and suffered from frozen shoulder. Because of the busy work, I have no time to go to the doctor. Listen to the old man said, use 500 grams of salt, 80 grams of fennel to fry in the pot, put into the cloth bag, and apply the affected area. Once a night, it can relieve pain after sweating. I tried it 4 times, and sure enough, it doesn’t hurt at the moment.

Zhou Jianbin, deputy director of the Department of Pain, Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, interpret: cumin is a mild drug with the effect of dispelling cold and relieving pain and qi. Modern pharmacological studies have also shown that fennel has analgesic effects. Fennel is fried with salt to enhance the effect of dispelling cold and relieving pain. Therefore, if the diagnosis is the periarthritis of the shoulder caused by the cold, this formula is generally effective.

It should be pointed out that many patients may misdiagnose themselves. There are many patients with thoracic outlet syndrome and cervical spondylosis in the outpatient department, all of which have symptoms similar to frozen shoulder. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully discriminate, otherwise it will delay the best treatment time. It is recommended that patients who want to use this remedy should go to the hospital’s pain clinic to see a professional doctor, so as not to delay the disease.