Soda, are you drinking right?

In recent years, the public’s demand for health is becoming more and more urgent. As a health drink, soda is increasingly sought after by consumers. There are many rumors about soda, some say that drinking soda can relieve gout and control weight; some say that drinking soda can nourish the stomach and change the acidic body … Does soda really have so many magical effects? What should I drink?

What is soda

On the Internet, there are various introductions about soda water: “Soda water is an aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate, which can be naturally formed or produced by weak alkali effervescent tablets, soda effervescent tablets and robotics” “Soda water is weakly alkaline, medically External use can be sterilized “” Natural soda water contains a variety of trace elements in addition to sodium bicarbonate, is a good drink “… This has cast a layer of mystery on the soda water.

Is soda really a “good drink”? Evaluating the quality of one beverage requires comparison with other beverages.

The word “soda water” comes from the English word “soda wat er”. In English, it is also called “carbonated water” “sparkling wat er or sel t zer water”. In addition to the feature “both contain carbon dioxide”, there is a clear difference between “soda” and “sparkling water”.

“Foaming water” can be simply understood as “water that can see bubbles in a cup”. The reason for foaming is because the carbon dioxide in the water exceeds the saturated concentration under natural pressure, so it condenses into a bubble overflow. Some mineral waters naturally meet such requirements and are called “gas-containing natural mineral waters”. Others are obtained by artificially charging carbon dioxide, called “aerated natural mineral water”. Carbon dioxide forms carbonic acid in water and can dissociate hydrogen ions, so such “bubbly water” is weakly acidic.

Soda water, which is very popular in life, especially refers to “aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate”, and merchants usually emphasize that it has “weak alkalinity”. (Editor’s note: “Soda” mentioned below falls into this category.)

What is the effect of sparkling water on health

Soda is actually a drink between “carbonated drink” and “pure water”. Basically, carbonated drinks are also a type of soda. However, carbonated beverages add ingredients such as sugar (or sweeteners), phosphoric acid, and citric acid. Therefore, so-called “soda” in daily life does not include carbonated drinks.

It is spread on the Internet that carbonated beverages such as Cola have strong acidity, and long-term drinking will reduce bone density and further lead to osteoporosis. As a result, some consumers have inferred that long-term consumption of soda can also cause osteoporosis. This is actually alarmist. From a scientific basis, carbonated beverages are quite weak, even if they have an effect on bone. Moreover, soda is weaker in acidity than carbonated beverages, and its effect on bone density is negligible.

Patients with gout may be advised to take soda tablets when taking uric acid medications to avoid uric acid deposits formed by uric acid medications. Many people have misinterpreted the effectiveness of soda tablets as “taking soda tablets to treat gout or excrete uric acid.” Because of this, many gout patients think that soda contains soda, and drinking soda can relieve gout. In fact, this claim has not been confirmed by scientific experiments.

Some people also said that drinking soda before meals will help increase satiety and help lose weight. In fact, drinking any water before meals can increase satiety. As for whether the “bubbles” in soda water can produce a stronger satiety, you need to make a specific judgment based on each person’s constitution.

The saying that “drinking soda can nourish the stomach, relieve indigestion and constipation” is also widely known, but there is no scientific basis for it. Soda water is alkaline, so for patients with hyperacidity, soda water can provide relief. This relieving effect is interpreted as “stomach-raising”, but it is actually a concept of stealing. For people with normal gastric acid secretion, soda water has no “stomach-raising” effect. By the same token, the saying that “drinking soda can change acidic constitution” is just a speculation. The theory of “acid-base constitution” is originally a kind of pseudo-science. The acid-base balance of the human body cannot be changed by drinking water.

How should I drink soda

If you like to drink soda, then drinking in moderation is not a problem, just pay attention to the sodium intake. But if you don’t like the taste of soda, there is no need to force it for so-called health.

In general, compared to carbonated beverages, soda is sugar-free, acidic and weak, and is a relatively healthy drink. Compared to pure water, soda has a bit more flavor and can make drinking water more Pleasant. It can be said that soda water takes care of both health and flavor.