Some yogurt can alleviate allergies

According to the latest news released by the official website of the Japan Fermentation Application Research Institute, the study found that a lactic acid bacteria contained in some yoghurts can alleviate allergic symptoms such as atopic dermatitis.

Researchers at the Japan Fermentation Application Research Institute analyzed different types of lactic acid bacteria, and found that “L-92 lactic acid bacteria” can significantly reduce allergic indicators in the blood. Subsequently, the researchers tested 59 patients with allergic dermatitis. Patients were divided into two groups, one receiving standard treatment and the other receiving powdered food containing this lactic acid bacteria for 6 consecutive months on the basis of standard treatment. The results showed that compared with the group receiving the standard treatment alone, the group of patients who took the food containing the lactic acid bacteria simultaneously showed a significant decrease in blood allergy index and a significant improvement in allergy symptoms.

The researchers analyzed that this lactic acid bacteria has a strong allergic inhibitory effect and is particularly effective against eczema caused by atopic dermatitis. At present, some yoghurt bacteria, nutritional supplements and lactic acid bacteria beverages in the market contain such lactic acid bacteria, and an average daily intake of 20 mg can help alleviate allergy symptoms. Patients can pay attention to the ingredient list when purchasing the product. In addition, the yogurt made by this strain has a certain effect on allergic rhinitis caused by aphids, dust and the like.