Spicy food is good for heart health

Excessive consumption of spicy foods will not only cause constipation, get angry, but also prone to colds or other diseases. However, recent studies have shown that a compound in pepper has the effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering cholesterol.

Heart disease is the number one killer of many people in developed countries. This study proves that pepper or chili products can effectively protect people from heart disease.

“The research of the Chinese University of Hong Kong is focused on a class of substances called “capsaicin” that explores how such substances in peppers promote heart health,” said researcher Professor Zhen-YuChen.

In this study, the hamsters of the two groups with the same physical condition were simultaneously fed with high-cholesterol food, one group supplemented with capsaicin, the other group without any treatment, and the health status of the two groups of hamsters was observed at any time.

They found that capsaicin can reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in animals by inhibiting the accumulation of harmful cholesterol in animals and promoting their decomposition and excretion in the body.

At the same time, capsaicin can also block the expression of genes that contract the arteries and restrict blood flow to the internal organs, thus accelerating the circulation of blood.

“Of course, we are not suggesting that people eat more spicy foods. A healthy diet is a balanced diet. Pepper can only be used as a food supplement and should never be used as a medicine for treating heart disease.” DrChen reports Finally explained.