Stay up late and eat more of these fruits

  1. Apple

As the saying goes, “Eat an apple every day, the doctor stays away from me.” Apples are extremely rich in pectin, which can promote excretion and prevent arteriosclerosis. People staying up late are prone to endocrine disorders and constipation or obesity, and skin deterioration. A large amount of vitamins and malic acid in apples can decompose the fat that is accumulated in the body, which can effectively prevent physical obesity, increase hemoglobin, and make the skin delicate.

Second, kiwi

Kiwi is known as the King of Fruits. Kiwi is rich in vitamin A, which plays a very important role in the development of the eyes, and synthesizes retinal rod cells. Improve eye resistance and prevent night blindness. In addition, kiwi contains a lot of fruit acids and vitamin C, which can inhibit the cohesion of keratinocytes and melanin precipitation, effectively remove or dilute dark spots, and also have significant effects on improving dry or oily skin tissue.

Third, oranges

For those who stay up late, rest is definitely not enough, which may easily cause gastrointestinal disorders and constipation. Oranges are basically synonymous with vitamin C. A large amount of vitamin C, pectin and other nutrients in oranges can have an appetizing effect, refresh the body and quench thirst, effectively clean the intestine, and promote the complete discharge of harmful substances in the body. In addition, the vitamin C in delicious oranges can also avoid the radiation of the computer, the mobile phone party can eat more, you know.

Fourth, blueberries

Blueberries can be said to be the world’s recognized fruit that can protect the eyes. The anthocyanins rich in them can be said to play a very important role in protecting the eyes. Not only can it effectively prevent the oxidation of the eye lens protein, but also Improve the visual acuity of the human eye and improve human vision; in addition, its rich radish has a great effect on protecting vision.