Table vinegar drink prevention

Recently, continuous high temperature has continued, and it has been learned from major hospitals that nine out of ten respiratory diseases are “hot colds.” According to reports, adults generally show nasal congestion, sore throat, low fever, etc., children are easy to change from cold to pneumonia. Experts analyzed that due to the hot weather, people who use air conditioners excessively and eat too much cold drinks are prone to cause respiratory infections such as colds and high fever in a cold and hot environment. Children’s resistance is low. If they are not attached, they are more likely to be pneumonia. In this regard, experts suggest that you can use vinegar or vinegar drinks vinegar drinks such as Tiandi nickname to stay away from the hot cold.

In the summer, it resists “hot flu”. Experts suggest that personal protection can be strengthened from some details. For example, if you want to look forward to the air-conditioned room, you can lower the temperature first, and then increase the temperature after the body cools down. It is best to keep it at around 27 degrees and put a basin of water in the room to avoid being too dry. In terms of diet, in addition to recommending more fruits and vegetables, the taste is light, you can also use vinegar or vinegar drinks vinegar drinks to stay away from the hot cold. Experts remind that the purchase of vinegar drinks requires the purchase of big brands, popular fruit vinegar drinks such as Tiandi nickname.

According to Professor Han Beizhong from the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering of China Agricultural University, various fruit acids such as citric acid and gluconic acid contained in fruits can produce other organic acids such as acetic acid and lactic acid after microbial fermentation, and there are a large number of fruits. The vitamins, so the vitamins in the vinegar are even richer than the vitamins in the fruit, and some flavonoids or polyphenols are functional factors, which regulate the balance in the body and promote intestinal health. It is very helpful for gastrointestinal problems that are stimulated by cold drinks.