The benefits of lemon peel are many, see you all know?

The benefits of lemon are really many, can whiten, lose weight, eliminate spots, esthetics, body, hair, wrinkles, etc. In addition, what is the magical effect of lemon? Lemon peel is still very useful.

1, in addition to kitchen utensils, tableware smell

Use a small bowl of warm boiled water to soak the lemon juice of the dried juice, and then pour it into kitchen utensils or cups with tea stains, oil stains, water stains, etc. After 4 to 5 hours, these stains will be wiped out. go with.

2, in addition to the scale

If the bottom of the pot is black, put some lemon peel and water in the pot to cook it, the bottom of the pot will be new, and it will not be oxidized for a long time.

3, clean pool

Is there a yellow mark left by the water droplets in the washbasin or bathtub? Don’t be embarrassed, you can magically disappear with a lemon peel.

4, clean kitchen wall tiles

On the kitchen tile wall, you will have a haze that is difficult to remove after a long period of time. Try using a lemon peel with a little salt to wipe it. This method also erases the yellow marks on the marble.

5, clean water tap

Believe it or not, fresh lemon peel can act as a powerful decontamination. Use lemon peel to wipe on dirty faucets or other metal hardware. No need to use force, stubborn stains will die.

6, go handcuffs

In the kitchen, it is easy to get a handful of fish, meat or oil. It can’t be tasted with soap or washing powder, but it is very useful to use lemon peel. If you can make bubbles in lemonade, the effect is better. . Moreover, rubbing hands with lemon peel, the lemon oil contained in it can make the skin smooth and delicate.

7, in addition to refrigerator odor

The diligent housewife has trouble with the refrigerator, no matter how hard you care, in time, the moment you open the refrigerator door will always make you upset. Then every time you use lemon for cooking or beauty, don’t throw the remaining lemon peel. Chop it up and put it in the corner of the refrigerator with gauze, which will make you feel good and pleasant every time you open the refrigerator door. Feel good. Of course, remember to change it often.

8, ice cubes

When making ice cubes, sprinkle the lemon or diced lemon in the ice cubes, which will make the good ice cubes exceptionally fragrant. Your afternoon tea has a better companion, and the children love it too.