The benefits of women eating beef

Beef. Regarding beef, many people have nostalgia for its deliciousness. Because of its high nutritional value and other reasons, its price is relatively high, but there are many benefits to eating beef. So what are the benefits of women eating beef? What are the nutritional values ​​of chicken? Please look down for details.

The benefits of women eating beef

1, Enhance the immune system

Beef contains zinc, which works in combination with glutamate and vitamin B6 to strengthen the immune system.

2, strong muscles and bones

Buffalo can replenish the baby, and the yellow beef can help the qi, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, strengthen the bones and strengthen the bones.

3, enhance muscle strength

Beef contains magnesium and magnesium to support protein synthesis, enhance muscle strength, and more importantly, improve the efficiency of insulin anabolism.

4, hematopoiesis

Iron is a necessary mineral for hematopoiesis. In contrast to the poor iron content of chickens, fish, and turkeys, beef is rich in iron.

5, against tissue damage caused by exercise

Beef has a low fat content but is rich in linoleic acid. These potential antioxidants are effective against tissue damage caused by weightlifting and other sports.

6, help the body to recover

Beef contains enough vitamin B6 to help boost your immunity, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, and help your body recover after intense training.

7, grow muscles

The content of carnitine and sarcosine in chicken and fish is very low, but the content of beef is high. Carnitine is mainly used to support the metabolism of fat and produce branched-chain amino acids. It is an amino acid that plays an important role in the growth of muscles in bodybuilding (sports food).

The nutritional value of beef

1, beef is rich in protein, 4 ounces of thin loin can produce 22 grams of first-class protein.

  1. Beef has a very low fat content, but it is a source of low-fat linoleic acid and a potential antioxidant.
  2. Beef contains minerals and vitamin B, including niacin, vitamin B1 and riboflavin. Beef is also the best source of iron needed every day.
  3. Beef provides high-quality protein containing all kinds of amino acids. The ratio of various amino acids is basically the same as the ratio of various amino acids in human protein. The sarcosine contained in it is higher than any food.
  4. Nutrient content per 100 grams of beef: calories (125.00 kcal), protein (19.90 g), fat (4.20 g), carbohydrates (2.00 g), cholesterol (84.00 mg), vitamin A (7.00 μg), sulfur Amine (0.04 mg), riboflavin (0.14 mg), niacin (5.60 mg), vitamin E (0.65 mg), calcium (23.00 mg), phosphorus (168.00 mg), potassium (216.00 mg), sodium (84.20) Mg), magnesium (20.00 mg), iron (3.30 mg), zinc (4.73 mg), selenium (6.45 μg), copper (0.18 mg), manganese (0.04 mg).