The culprit of high blood pressure has finally been found, doctors advise, three kinds of food, and then do not eat again.

Mr. Tang, 52, found high blood pressure during his physical examination. Because his blood pressure was as high as 160/100mmHg, he reached the standard of taking medicine. The doctor gave him antihypertensive drugs and went back to eat medicine for a while. Mr. Tang came to the hospital again. Blood pressure was measured, but blood pressure was not significantly decreased. After asking Mr. Tang’s medication history and living habits in detail, the doctor told Mr. Tang that his medication was no problem and the problem appeared in his eating habits.

Doctors say that although there are many factors that cause high blood pressure, diet is undoubtedly one of the important culprits. Therefore, if one wants to control high blood pressure, it must first change unhealthy eating habits.

So, if you want to stay away from high blood pressure, which foods should you eat?

First, the pickled food, Mr. Tang told the doctor that he usually loves pickled food. It is well known that pickling is the purpose of allowing salt to penetrate into food to preserve food. The cured food is called Pickled products, vegetables, meat, and eggs can all be made into pickled foods. Because of the high salt content, long-term consumption of pickled foods can easily induce high blood pressure.

Second, smoked food, like preserved foods, needs to be marinated with high-salt before making smoked foods. This food is not only carcinogenic, but also high in salt. It is also easy to induce high blood pressure.

Third, when cooking, put a lot of salt, many people do not like pickled food, do not like smoked food, but the blood pressure is still rising, if asked in detail, it is easy to find that such people usually have a heavier taste, cooking When you put a lot of salt, doctors say that according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the amount of salt in adults should not exceed six grams per day. Because of this number, the risk of high blood pressure is particularly high.

It can be seen that there is a great correlation between the intake of salt and whether hypertension can be controlled. Just as Mr. Tang of the article found high blood pressure, even if he took antihypertensive drugs, he still has no blood pressure because he does not care about his mouth. Significant decline.

In order to stay away from high blood pressure, in addition to controlling the intake of salt, you should also avoid the intake of high-fat foods, eat more foods containing calcium and potassium, and also dynamically monitor your blood pressure changes to achieve a true heart. There are a few.