The latest research found that: high blood sugar is easy to fracture

The latest research in the Netherlands found high blood sugar and easy fracture

According to South Africa’s “Healthy 24 Hours” website, “Diabetes Care” magazine published a new study in the Netherlands, said that the risk of fractures of type 2 sugar friends with poor glycemic control will increase.

Dr. Fernando Rivadenilla of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and colleagues conducted a follow-up study of 3,715 non-diabetic patients and 420 diabetic patients. These included 203 patients with good glycemic control (sero-glycated hemoglobin below 7.5%) and 217 patients with poor glycemic control (serum glycosylated hemoglobin at least 7.5%). The results showed that the risk of fracture of a sugar-controlled glycoside was about 62% higher than that of a sugar-controlled glycoside. After the researchers took the sugar medication into consideration, the conclusion that “the difference in blood glucose control increases the risk of fracture” is still true.