The magical effect of orange peel, have you learned it?

In November, when a large number of oranges were freshly listed, the streets and alleys were filled with the hawkers of oranges. Generally, we will throw away the orange peel after eating the orange. In fact, the orange peel has many magical effects. As early as in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, there is a record that it is “stomaching, vomiting”, which is the most abundant peel containing vitamin C, which is known by humans, and has the most diverse and practical effects and uses. Want to know the effect of orange peel and the magical effect of orange peel? Then let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Medicinal orange peel

Orange, sweet and sour, and refreshing, is one of the fruits that we can’t live without. Oranges are all treasures, orange peel, orange, orange and orange are all “natural medicines”, and an orange is equivalent to five medicines. Eating an orange every day can help people avoid oral diseases. Orange peel also has a strong medicinal value.

Aid digestion

Orange peel, also known as dried tangerine peel, has a bitter taste, but has the scent of oranges. It is a dry peel made from the dried citrus peel. This peel can be stored for a long time if it is kept dry, so it is called dried tangerine peel. . Chenpi helps digestion, and the more Chen is better. Chen Pi Wei Xin, bitter, warm, spleen, stomach, efficacy, spleen appetite, attending indigestion.


The volatile oil of orange peel has a scorpion action, and the alcohol extract has an effect of inhibiting contraction of the smooth muscle of the trachea. Chenpi, mulberry white, and purpura can be used for coughing and lack of lungs.


The orange peel is cut into silk and dried for use as a pillow core. It has the effect of smoothing and reducing blood pressure, and is suitable for patients with hypertension.

Anti-motion sickness

1 hour before getting on the bus, use fresh orange peel, fold it inward into a double layer, align it with the nostrils, squeeze the orange peel with your fingers, and spray a few tiny orange oil mist into the skin and suck it into the nostrils. Continue to squeeze in and out at any time after getting on the bus, which can effectively prevent motion sickness.

Home orange peel

To smell

After chewing the orange peel, spit out the residue and repeat it several times, which is more effective for removing the bad smell of the mouth. The dried orange peel is placed in the iron box to ignite, and the smell of the toilet can be quickly removed; the dried orange is lit in the room. Leather, you can freshen the air in the room, you can also drive away the mosquitoes and flies; put them in the cupboard, savour the insects and put them in the drawers of other cabinets; put the orange peel in the microwave oven and heat for 1~2 minutes on low heat. The smell of the microwave oven is gone.

Natural cleaner

The orange peel has the effect of cleaning the teeth. After gargle, cut a piece of orange peel and apply it on the teeth to rub it back and forth for 5 minutes. For a while, your teeth will become whiter and more fragrant.

Using stainless steel pots with orange skin on one side, you will soon find them refreshed. When dealing with stoves and sinks with heavy dirt, you can add orange peel to the water to cook, add a spoonful of baking soda, and the cleaning effect is excellent.

The magical effect of orange peel, have you learned it?
Maintenance furniture

Because the orange peel is rich in orange oil, you can maintain the furniture. Just spray the orange peel cleaner on a clean rag and wipe the furniture. However, it should be noted that the orange peel cleaner is pure natural. To avoid deterioration, remember to use it within 3 weeks.

Whitening clothing

The white clothes in the house will have a yellowing problem for a long time. Put the clothes in the water that has been cooked in orange peel for 10 minutes, then wash them, and the yellowed clothes will reproduce the white brilliance.

Orange peel

Orange peel can be made into flower fertilizer. Cut the orange peel into a small piece and a small piece, the effect is fine. Then put the orange peel in a bottle with water, you can put some brown sugar properly. Finally, it can be fermented in the sun. Generally speaking, when the smell is slightly acidic, it means that the fermentation is good. After adding water, it can be watered. The flowers are absolutely strong and bursting.

Edible orange peel


Cut the washed orange peel into strips, dry and store in a cool place. When you are free, you can boil a pot of boiling water, drink orange juice to make tea, or brew it with tea. It can refresh and ventilate, and it has a fragrant smell and a fresh breath.

Making sweets

Soak the orange peel in water for 2 days, then remove it and dry it slightly. After marinating it with white sugar for half a month, it will become a sweet and delicious sweet.

Another method is to wash and dry the orange peel, cut into small Ding, and put it in honey for about 20 days. The cooked orange peel can be used as a filling for sweets such as sugar packets and dumplings. It is sweet and fragrant.


Wash the orange peel, dry it, and soak it in white wine for about 20 days to make orange peel. The self-brewed orange wine is mellow and refreshing, it can clear the lungs and remove phlegm, and it also has the effect of greasy and cold. The longer the soaking time, the better the wine taste.


When you gluten rice porridge, put a few pieces of clean orange peel and cook. The porridge tastes delicious and appetizing. It has a certain effect on the condition of chest and abdomen fullness and cough.


When making broth or ribs soup, put a few pieces of clean orange peel, not only the soup tastes delicious, but also a faint orange flavor, which makes people feel less greasy.

Make jam

Fresh orange peel and dried orange peel can be made into jam, wash the orange peel, put in the pot and add water, boil for 5 minutes, then pour out the water, add new water and cook again, and treat it 3~4 times according to this method. Until the orange peel water is not too heavy, it will be fine. Then squeeze the water from the orange peel and use a knife to knead the orange peel into finely ground and beat it with a blender. Finally, put the fine orange peel into the pot again, add brown sugar, sugar, saccharin, water according to the amount of orange peel, boil and simmer into a thick paste, and the jam is made.