The nutrition of different dates is different

Question: Jujube has red jujube and black jujube; What is the difference in nutritional value? Answer: Compared to fresh dates, vitamin C will be lost. Different dried dates do have some differences in nutrition.

Jujube is made from fresh dates after drying. The iron content of red dates and black dates is relatively high. In addition, because jujube contains flavonoids, it can protect vitamin C from being oxidized. Although a large amount of vitamin C is lost during the processing of dried dates, the remaining part has a better utilization rate in the human body. The synergistic effect of the two can play a good role in nourishing blood. Studies have shown that the iron content in black jujube is higher, so it has a better blood supply effect.

There are large and small jujubes in the dried jujube. Although the appearance is different, the total nutrition difference is not large. It is just because of the different varieties that there are differences in some nutritional components. For example, Jinsixiaozao has a higher sugar content, while iron and potassium content is slightly lower than that of jujube.

The jujube and Ejiao dates on the market are made by adding other ingredients. For example, candied dates add a lot of sugar during the preparation of candied fruit, and the proportion of other nutrients is correspondingly reduced, which is suitable for occasional eating as a snack. The true Ejiao Jujube, because it adds blood-eating Ejiao ingredients, strengthens the blood-supplying effect of dried jujube. It is a good health food for women. It should be noted that although the jujube often eaten has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, but the dried red jujube has a harder epidermis and contains more crude fiber, which is easy to irritate people with poor gastrointestinal function and stomach ulcer The stomach mucosa causes discomfort, so it is recommended to eat the jujube after cooking. Even people with normal gastrointestinal functions should chew enough when eating red dates, so that they can better absorb and use the nutrients in them.