The six benefits of sesame may be unknown to some people.

Sesame is a rare nutritional supplement for children. It is rich in iron, calcium and protein. It has more protein than meat and contains twice as much calcium as milk. Therefore, it is often used in children’s daily diet. Adding some sesame has a lot of benefits for your child’s growth and development.

Of course, what are the benefits of sesame? Here you can find out:

1, Buck

The cause of high blood pressure is also very many, but the most important reason is caused by excessive salt, and the main ingredient in salt is sodium. Therefore, eating sesame helps to discharge sodium, because the potassium contained in sesame Mostly, it can effectively absorb sodium, and it has a good effect on controlling blood pressure and protecting the heart;

2, Calcium supplementation

The content of calcium in sesame seeds is higher than that of vegetables and beans. It is second only to the calcium content of shrimp skin. It is beneficial to the development of bones and teeth after eating. The elderly can prevent osteoporosis after eating.

3, Improve intelligence

Sesame is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can improve the activity of brain cells, enhance memory and thinking ability, and help the elderly and children to help the brain;

4, Relieve constipation

Sesame contains more oil, which helps the intestinal tract, and has long-term constipation symptoms. At this time, eating sesame is a very good choice;

5, Moisturizing and beauty

Because sesame contains vitamin E, in addition to a good protective effect on the retina, it also has a good anti-oxidation effect on the skin, which plays a role in moisturizing and nourishing the skin;

6, Prevention of three high

Sesame contains polyphenols, which can effectively alleviate the rise of blood sugar and lower blood fat. It is a very good dietary fiber food in plant foods.

So what are the best ways to eat sesame?

Sesame paste

Ingredients: black sesame, glutinous rice flour, white granulated sugar

Practice: fry the prepared black sesame seeds, then mash them into a pot, add a proper amount of water to boil, then pour the appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour to stir, simmer for about 20 minutes, and continue to carry out Stir to prevent the sticking pan, and finally add the appropriate amount of white sugar to the seasoning before the pan;

Efficacy: help the intestinal peristalsis, blood and Qi;

1, Sesame purple potato cake

Ingredients: purple potato, glutinous rice flour, white sesame seeds, white granulated sugar

Practice: Purple potato peeled into steamer and steamed, then mashed into mud, add appropriate amount of water and glutinous rice flour mixed with white sugar into dough, divide the kneaded dough into multiple pieces and squeeze into a cake, then pan Brush the oil, put in the purple potato cake and sauté the golden yellow and sprinkle with white sesame seeds;

Efficacy: relieve constipation, purple potato has a good help to the defecation system;

2, Red dates black sesame porridge

Ingredients: red dates, black sesame, rice

Practice: Wash the three, add rice to the pot and add some water to boil. Turn to low heat and pour in black sesame and red dates. For about 30 minutes, add some amount of white sugar to taste before baking.

Efficacy: Bugan Yishen, moisturizing beauty.