The study found that egg yolks eat more heart damage

A new study by researchers at the University of Western Ontario in Canada studied the egg eating situation of 1,231 male and female participants with an average age of 61.5 years. The researchers used ultrasound equipment to check the vascular occlusion and hardening of the participants, and learned the lifestyle of the participants through a questionnaire survey. It was found that after 40 years of age, the area of ​​carotid plaque (arterial intravascular waxy embolic material) increased with age. Carotid plaques that consumed at least 3 egg yolks per week were significantly more severe than those who ate at most two egg yolks per week. Smoking and eating too much egg yolk will further accelerate the growth rate in the region.

Dr. David Spence, a professor of neurology at the head of the new study, said that high cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Egg yolk has a relatively high cholesterol content. Excessive intake increases cartilage plaque buildup, resulting in reduced blood flow and increased cardiovascular risk. The more the egg yolk eats, the greater the danger. The new study also found that the risk of excessive intake of egg yolk is equivalent to two-thirds of the risk of smoking. Scientists say the new study suggests that further research and reassessment is needed on the role of egg yolk, total dietary cholesterol, and its association with heart disease risk.