These 7 kinds of eggs are inedible, remember

Eggs are rich in nutrients and can supplement a variety of nutrients for the human body. However, in daily life, there are several eggs that are inedible. Otherwise, people with mild abdominal pain and diarrhea and those with severe poisoning and coma should pay attention.

These 7 kinds of eggs are inedible, remember

01 cracked egg
During transportation, storage, and packaging of eggs, due to vibration, squeezing, etc., some eggs will cause cracks and cracks, and they will be easily invaded by bacteria. If they are left for a long time, they are not suitable for consumption.

02 Sticky Egg
Eggs are stored for too long, and the yolk membrane becomes tough and weak, and the yolk is tightly attached to the egg shell. If it is too tight, or the skin is dark black, and there is a strange smell, it is not suitable to eat.

03 Smelly Egg
As bacteria invade the eggs, they multiply and make the eggs spoiled.

The eggshell is gray, and even the eggshell swells due to the influence of the internal hydrogen sulfide gas; the mixture in the egg is gray-green or dark yellow with a foul odor. This egg cannot be eaten, otherwise it will cause bacterial food Poisoning.

These 7 kinds of eggs are inedible, remember

04 scattered yellow eggs
There are many reasons for the yellowing of eggs:

① During the transportation process, the eggs are violently shaken to cause the yolk membrane to rupture, thereby causing the phenomenon of loose yellow, and the nutritional value of such eggs is basically unchanged.

② During the storage of eggs, after the protein is diluted, the water slowly penetrates into the yolk, and when the yolk body swells to break through the yolk membrane, the yellowing phenomenon will also occur.

③ After fermented eggs hatch for a period of time, the yolks will also loose.

④ If it is stored for too long, bacteria or mold invades the egg through the pores of the egg shell, destroying the protein structure and causing loose yellow.

The loose yellow eggs caused by the first three reasons can generally be continued to be eaten, and loose yellow eggs caused by bacteria and mold may bring food safety risks.

The specific judgment method is: after discovering the egg yolk powder, first smell whether there is a odor, if there is no odor, adults with normal gastrointestinal function after high temperature cooking can continue to eat, it is recommended to fry, cook or steam to eat will change the taste will be more obvious.

05 stillborn eggs
Stillbirth eggs are chicks that have not matured within 14 to 21 days of incubation, due to temperature and humidity or bacterial and parasitic infections, which have stopped embryonic development and died in the eggshell.

According to the analysis by the health department, hair eggs contain Escherichia coli, typhoid bacteria, staphylococci, proteus, salmonella, parasites, parasite eggs, etc. Some hair eggs also contain toxic and harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide and amines. It is very easy to cause dysentery, typhoid fever, hepatitis and other diseases, especially the weak gastrointestinal function of children. Eating this kind of eggs can easily cause poisoning, allergies and even life-threatening.

These 7 kinds of eggs are inedible, remember

06 Moldy Egg
If the egg is exposed to rain or moisture, the protective film on the surface of the egg shell will be lost, and bacteria can invade the egg and make it moldy. Eggs with dark spots on their shells are not recommended for consumption, especially children and elderly people and people with weak gastrointestinal function.

07 malformed eggs
With the increase of pollutants in the natural environment, trace elements in animals and plants will continue to accumulate. People who eat contaminated animals and plants will affect human health.

If the appearance of the egg is smooth and there are small bumps protruding, open the egg shell, and you can see agglomerated protein lumps inside, which is caused by the toxic substance;

If the color of the eggshell is uneven, the eggshell is relatively rough, and the shape of the egg is too long or too round, it may be the egg laid by an unhealthy chicken. This kind of egg is also not suitable for purchase and consumption.