These fruits are actually able to hangover!

The New Year’s holiday is inevitably drinking, then you know? The hangover can be solved by eating fruit. What kind of fruit can you hangover? Let’s take a look at what fruit to eat to solve the bar!

Although fruits, juices, etc. can be hangover, you can’t indulge your greed!

Banana: Some people feel chest tightness and fast heartbeat after drinking alcohol. At this time, you can eat 1 to 3 bananas for hangover. Because the banana contains substances that increase the blood sugar concentration in the blood, the blood sugar concentration rises, and the alcohol content in the blood does not fall, thereby achieving the effect of relieving alcohol and relieving chest tightness.

Grapes: Grapes are also one of the ideal fruit for hangover. Fresh grapes contain a lot of tartaric acid. When this substance enters the human body, it can react with the alcohol in the wine to form esters. This can lower the concentration of alcohol in the blood pressure, and the human body is not easily drunk. In addition, the sour taste of the grapes can also alleviate the symptoms of stomach discomfort caused by drinking, such as nausea and nausea.

Watermelon juice: We said above that in addition to eating fruit to hangover, drinking juice is also able to hangover, watermelon juice is a good choice, because watermelon juice can promote urination, let the body excrete with urine And it can also play a role in cooling and prevent fever after drinking.

Xiaobian Tip: Although eating these common fruits and juices can help hangover, this method of hangover is healthy and does not hurt, but be careful not to be too greedy! If you are too greedy, you have to pay attention to other health problems.