Three ways to protect patency

Three important pathological changes of coronary heart disease
Coronary heart disease is located in the coronary arteries. Coronary arteries belong to the middle arteries, which are divided into three layers: intima, outer layer and membrance.

Three ways to protect patency
The three-layer structure of the artery, the endothelium is the most important

  1. Endothelial injury: Endothelial cells of blood vessels are originally smooth, and the main causes of endothelial injury are as follows:

(1) Oxidative stress factors: C-reactive protein and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein: they are the products of various inflammations, and inflammation caused by bacteria, viruses or autoimmunity can cause them to increase. There are no obvious above three types of diseases, but C-reactive protein in the blood is also elevated; superoxide is a metabolite that can be produced in small quantities under physiological conditions, and it is produced in large quantities when it is ill. Circulation in the blood can damage endothelial cells; inflammatory substances, mainly produced by white blood cells, such as interleukins, cytotoxic factors, etc., play an important role in resisting bacterial virus infection, but when they are produced abnormally, or excessively, It can damage tissues and organs, including the endothelium of blood vessels.

(2) Renin-angiotensin aldosterone system: The indicators detected in this system are renin, angiotensin, aldosterone, and angiotensin converting enzyme. After this system is activated, too much angiotensin, aldosterone can damage endothelial cells, so do not activate them.

(3) Homocysteine: Homocysteine ​​is an excitatory neurotransmitter. High concentrations of homocysteine ​​can reduce the inactivation of superoxide, leading to a sharp increase in superoxide, and eventually damage the vascular endothelium. . Recent studies suggest that it is related to the incidence of stroke in hypertension.

(4) High blood pressure, lipids, and blood sugar can also damage vascular endothelial cells.

(5) Harmful components such as cigarettes can damage vascular endothelial cells.

  1. Atherosclerotic plaque: It is a kind of LDL-C that accumulates under the endothelium and above the smooth muscle layer, and forms a yellow atheromatous substance under the action of various factors. The yellow part in the figure below is the artery Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is usually performed under the endothelium and covered with a layer of fiber cap. If the cap is not damaged, the endothelium can be smoother, but once broken and the surface ulcerated, it will cause thrombosis.

Three ways to protect patency
The yellow part is lipid atheroma

  1. Thrombosis: Thrombosis is an important factor in the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease, especially acute myocardial infarction. It is often based on atherosclerosis, which suddenly forms blood clots, blocks blood vessel pathways, the heart muscle cannot get blood supply, and ischemia Necrosis. This thrombosis is associated with a fibrous cap ulcer over the atherosclerotic lesion.

Three ways to protect patency
Red cells are blood cells involved in the formation of blood clots

How to treat fur with coronary heart disease
The five-level grading method of TCM diseases is also applicable to the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease. So, at what stage is coronary heart disease in the fur? I think it is the stage of endothelial damage and fatty streaks in the arterial wall, which is the initial stage of atherosclerosis.

The early manifestations of atherosclerosis are fatty streaks, which are lesions that cannot be detected by current examination methods. They have appeared since youth. Preventing the appearance of fatty streaks belongs to the stage of “treatment of fur” for coronary heart disease. Therefore, the “treatment of fur” in coronary heart disease is to work on the protection of endothelial cells, the goal is to protect the integrity of endothelial cells from damage.

The innermost layer of the arterial intima is composed of flat endothelial cells. It has a smooth surface and allows blood to flow smoothly in the arterial lumen. LDL-C in the blood cannot penetrate into the muscle layer below the endothelium of the arterial wall, and atherosclerotic plaque should not be formed. The accepted method for keeping the inner membrane smooth is to often “lubricate the endothelial cells and avoid damage.

  1. Avoid Emotional Stress-Keep Endothelium Intact

Emotional stress is the main cause of damage to the endometrium. During emotional stress, the physical stress system can be activated, and the goal of the stress system is to maintain the safety of the living body-more needed for risk. There are not so many situations that require risk, so don’t keep yourself in a state of tension and hostility.

  1. Balanced nutrition to keep blood “clean”

Blood is the carrier of our nutritional transport. During the process of nutritional transport, metabolites are taken away from the tissues at the same time. Everything that is absorbed through the stomach or the stomach is transported through the bloodstream. Therefore, it is inevitable that some unwanted or extra substances are entrained. These unwanted substances are “junk” in the human body. We need to close the entrance well so that the “garbage” enters less or not into the blood. Common are:

(1) Excess salt and sugar, fat and protein are garbage that changes from being useful, so nutrition must be balanced to meet the demand. Especially the elderly in China need to eat meat, the older they are, the more they will eat.

(2) Bacterial toxins that should not be mixed in, such as mold or other exotoxin produced by cells that easily survive and multiply in food.

(3) Toxic components in cigarettes, such as nicotine, ethanol in wine

(4) Ingredients intentionally or unintentionally added during food processing, such as artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and spices. Qualified food content of these things is in compliance with national food safety regulations. It is safe to eat foods that contain food additives in compliance with national food safety regulations for a short period of time. However, if this is used as a basic food source, problems may arise.

3.Protect vitality and clear blood flow

“The Nei Jing” said: “Evil and thief winds, sometimes avoiding it, Tian Yan nihility, from the spirit of the spirit, the inner spirit of the guard, the disease has never been safe.” “.

Exhausting energy through exhausting thoughts: Thinking is a process that consumes mental energy and also consumes some physical energy. It is a very exhausting thing. If you think about work and social development, and pay attention to regulating rest, it will not affect your body. Paying attention to regulating rest and thinking against the whole society’s ethics and morals for their own interests and deliberations will consume people’s energy.

Powerful sports can hurt qi and blood: Strong and intense sports can consume qi and blood, so the ancients stressed that they should not overwork. Difficulty: “Long-term blood damage, long-time lying gas, sedentary wounds, long standing bones, long-term injuries”.

Extremities often move qi and blood flow: Guidance is a method of health training commonly used by Chinese health keepers. It is very useful for people who usually lack exercise. The twelve meridians are divided into six meridians of hands, feet, and meridians. There are meridian qi running, and the movement of limb muscles during exercise can promote the operation of meridian qi and blood.