Treating pharyngitis can drink four kinds of medicine tea

In the morning, there are cockroaches in the scorpion, and I can’t spit it out. The throat is often dry and itchy, and even stinging… These symptoms are plaguing many people, but they are all chronic pharyngitis. Chinese medicine believes that the cause of chronic pharyngitis is complicated. Although the disease is in the throat, it is closely related to lung, stomach and kidney dysfunction. It involves various pathogenic factors such as gas, fire, phlegm, dampness and silt. Therefore, the specimen should be taken into consideration – conditioning. The viscera is the cure, and the symptoms are relieved. Clinically, some traditional Chinese medicines for clearing away heat, detoxifying, moistening the lungs and pharynx are commonly used. The following four types are most commonly used:

Raw licorice. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, relieving cough, relieving pain and relieving pain. It is used for licorice, and its effect of clearing away heat and relieving pain, relieving pain and relieving cough is more prominent. It is especially suitable for patients with pharyngitis with hot cough and sore throat. It can be used with decoction alone or with platycodon grandiflorum to increase the effect of Xuanfei, Liyan and pain relief.

Fat sea. It has the functions of clearing away heat and moistening the lungs, relieving phlegm and detoxifying, and relaxing the bowel and laxative. It can alleviate the sore throat, itchy throat and hoarseness caused by lung and stomach heat. The effect is obvious. You can take 1-3 pieces of fat sea to drink in boiling water, or you can drink it with chrysanthemum, lotus seed, and ebony.

Honeysuckle. It has strong heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, cooling blood and pharyngeal effect. It has obvious therapeutic effect on pharyngeal redness and heat pain. It can be added with rock sugar or honey as appropriate, or with chrysanthemum and bamboo leaves.

Mangosteen. Sweet and cool, can clear the lungs and phlegm, thirst and throat. Take 1 mangosteen fruit, chopped, boiled water and brewed frequently, can relieve throat dryness and discomfort.

It should be noted that the above drugs are all cold and cold, mainly for the sore throat caused by wind-heat lung dryness, lung and stomach heat, and should not be taken for a long time, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach. There is also a kind of pharyngitis in clinical practice, which belongs to the type of deficient cold. In addition to pharyngeal discomfort, patients often have symptoms such as chills and cough and white phlegm. People who are greedy for cold drinks and herbal tea are susceptible. This kind of patient can not use the above drugs, but must be treated by the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

In daily life, patients with pharyngitis should eat light and digestible foods, eat less spicy and greasy foods; strengthen physical exercise, prevent colds; quit smoking and alcohol, pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, in order to facilitate the regression of inflammation. Acupoint sticking also has a good effect on chronic pharyngitis. Patients can go to the Chinese medicine hospital for acupoint sticking during the “three days”.