Two bananas a day can eat good skin!

Do you refuse to go out when the skin on your face is not very good? Bad skin condition is very affecting the color and beauty. The following small series will recommend a fruit for evaluation. Although this fruit is cheap, it can restore the good condition of youthful skin. Let’s take a look at what fruit it is!

According to a survey conducted by relevant Japanese institutions, most women’s skin care methods mostly stay in sunscreen, moisturizing, whitening and ensuring sleep time. Due to the development and convenience of online information, new skin care information and means emerge one after another, but which one is It is effective, but no one can make it clear.

Here I want to introduce you to a very easy way to skin care – eat bananas. According to experiments conducted by the Japanese banana input combination, two bananas were eaten every day. After 4 weeks, the skin’s moisture value, oil value and elasticity were significantly improved.

The chairman of the Hiroo Skin Clinic in Japan, MD and Quanta also said: “The oil contained in the skin is the foundation of the skin. The increase in the elasticity of the skin will also make the skin more tense. Once the facial skin loses tension, it will overlap due to the skin. Wrinkles. The balance of moisture and oil in the skin is essential to keep the skin smooth and transparent.”

In other words, it is essential to have beautiful skin, moisture, oil and elasticity, and these can be improved by eating bananas. In addition, bananas are rich in dietary fiber, have a good laxative effect, maintain intestinal health, prevent toxin accumulation, from this perspective, banana is also a great help for skin.

Among the people who participated in the experiment, not only did some people feel that their skin was getting better, but some people also found that both body weight and body fat rate have decreased. Eating banana can not only create beautiful skin for you, but also maintain good health. From a thermal point of view, if a banana is calculated to contain about 86kcal of calories according to the 100g edible portion, it can be used if it is eaten with yogurt or is drunk in milk. Bananas are eaten in a variety of ways and taste delicious. accept.

When you want to eat snacks, you can push the biscuits and chocolates at hand and choose a banana. Not only can you control calorie intake, but also add other high-quality nutrients, and you can create beautiful skin for you!