Under what circumstances will drinking tea hurt the kidneys?

Drinking tea and drinking will hurt the kidneys

Drinking tea alone will not hurt the kidneys, but if you have the habit of drinking tea while drinking, it may hurt the kidneys. Because the alcohol in wine will be converted into acetaldehyde, and the alkaloids in tea will have a strong diuretic effect, acetaldehyde will enter the kidney before it can be broken down. Because acetaldehyde contains toxicity, it will cause damage to the kidney and hurt the kidney. .

Drinking tea on an empty stomach hurts the kidneys

Some people are used to drinking tea on an empty stomach as soon as they get up in the morning. In fact, tea contains a large amount of caffeine, which has a great stimulating and encouraging effect on the human body, which will accelerate heart rate, cause panic, and promote kidney urination and increase the burden on the kidney. Will hurt kidney function and affect physical health, so friends who love to drink tea should not drink tea on an empty stomach, you can drink some boiled water before drinking tea.

Drinking strong tea hurts the kidneys

Drinking too strong tea will make the kidney urinate frequently, and it will increase the burden on the kidney and hurt the kidney. Therefore, it is better to drink tea every day or light tea, which is better for the body.