Using red dates to treat pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is a diffuse inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa, submucosa, and lymphoid tissue. Patients often have various types of discomfort in the pharynx, such as foreign body sensation, itchy throat, burning, pain or dryness after waking up. The pharyngeal secretions are thick and often squeak in the morning, often causing nausea if the secretions are removed. The following describes the jujube formula for the treatment of pharyngitis:

  1. 100g of celery, 1 piece of mangosteen, 12 pieces of jujube, 50g of glutinous rice. Cut the celery into pieces and use it; add the appropriate amount of water to the mangosteen and jujube, boil for half an hour, take the soup and cook with the glutinous rice. After the porridge, add the celery and boil for a quarter of an hour. The porridge has the effect of clearing away heat and fluid, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and has a better therapeutic effect on chronic pharyngitis and bronchitis.
  2. 5 jujubes, 5 fat seas, the right amount of rock sugar, boiling water for tea drinking. This side is more suitable for colds or the speaker’s voice is hoarse.
  3. 5 jujubes, 6 g of sassafras, 10 g of northern sand ginseng. A total of 3 flavors of decoction, drink one or two times a week. The singer usually wears a moist vocal cord to protect the throat and protect the voice.
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