Want to reduce the fat diet of the abdomen is the key

  • Belly fat is more dangerous than fat in other parts of the body.

Opinion: Belly fat is clearly more dangerous than excess fat on the buttocks or thighs. Excessive accumulation of abdominal fat can cause serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. A person’s genes can cause obesity, but a bad lifestyle is also an “assist” that will make you accumulate more fat.

  • Fat foods, such as butter, cheese, fat, etc., are the main cause of excess belly fat.

Opinion: High-fat foods are not the main cause of abdominal fat. In fact, any excess heat will increase your waist circumference and cause abdominal fat to accumulate. However, the main cause of abdominal fat in addition to calories, inheritance, age, lifestyle, etc. can play a role. Changing your eating habits can help you fight belly fat, such as learning to read labels, reducing saturated fat intake, eating more fruits and vegetables, and more.

  • Excess calories, such as alcohol and sugary drinks, increase belly fat.

Opinion: Excess calories, whether alcohol, sugary drinks or unwanted foods, increase belly fat. Our body does need heat, but once it is too much, it turns into fat. In the case of alcohol, people often say “beer belly”, and alcohol and waist circumference have indeed been confirmed to have a specific relationship: First, the calories of alcohol itself are relatively high, according to the latest research published in the American Journal of Clinical Medicine, one gram Alcohol is equal to 7 kcal calories; secondly, alcohol will reduce the body’s burning fat, that is to say, after drinking, the body will stop using fat and consume alcohol; thirdly, alcohol itself has the effect of promoting appetite, it will regulate the body. The hormones that are full of feelings make you feel hungry.

  • Drinking soft drinks is a good way to cut belly fat.

Opinion: The American Heart Association said: “Soft drinks and other sugary drinks are one of the main sources of sugar in the American diet.” Most of these drinks contain substances such as sweeteners that are not good for your health, and you often get a lot of calories. . The World Health Organization has repeatedly stressed that drinking soda, fruit wine, and fruit drinks will greatly increase the incidence of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

  • To reduce belly fat, you should eat more high-fiber foods.

Opinion: If you want to have a small waist, add the whole grain food to your diet. For example, choose black rice, purple rice, etc. to mix with white rice. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that highly processed refined foods can cause weight gain and are not conducive to weight loss. Adding whole grain foods to the diet is a good way to cut excess belly fat. Because whole grains are rich in fiber, the body needs more time to digest, which not only delays the onset of hunger, but also helps lower blood sugar levels and reduce fat.

  • Men have more belly fat than women.

Opinion: In general, the accumulation of abdominal fat in men tends to exceed that of women, mainly due to differences in sex hormones. In addition, it is necessary to specify that before the age of 40, women’s fat is generally stored more evenly in the buttocks, thighs and other positions. After the age of 40, due to the decrease in estrogen levels, body fat will be redistributed to the abdomen.

  • Keeping sit-ups every day can reduce belly fat.

Opinion: If you want to lose excess fat in your abdomen, it is not enough to sit up on your back, because sit-ups only strengthen your abdominal muscles, but they do not play a role in reducing abdominal fat. Cutting belly fat (or any type of fat) should be done through proper diet and aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming, cycling, tennis, etc., is the best way to help reduce body fat.