What are the benefits of an apple per day?

“An apple a day, the doctor is away from me.” In fact, this is not a fake, Apple is not only easy to buy, the price is not expensive, and Apple also has a good health care function. Here we follow the small series to see the effect of an apple a day!

What are the effects of Apple?

1, diarrhea

Because apples are rich in tannins, malic acid, organic acids, pectin and cellulose, the pectin and cellulose absorb the bacteria and toxins in the body, so they can diarrhea. . You only need to eat 1 apple per day on an empty stomach every morning, and you will be able to use it. Treatment of watery diarrhea will be cooked with half-mature apples and boiled.

2, laxative

Organic acids and cellulose in apples can promote bowel movements, make stools soft and easy to excrete, so eating apples can promote laxation and treat dry stools. The apple should be cooked and cooked.

3, lose weight

Because of the large amount of vitamins and malic acid contained in apples, it can promote the decomposition of fat accumulated in the human body. Regular consumption of apples can prevent obesity. Those who have too much fat need to eat some sour apples.

Weight loss for obese people, according to foreign studies, each apple can reduce weight by 0.5 kg to 1 kg. In Apple Day, 1500 grams of fresh apples were eaten six times, that is, 250 grams each time, and one course of treatment was 18 apple days.

4, prevention and treatment of anemia

Eating apples can also increase hemoglobin and make the skin white and red. Therefore, for anemia patients, eating apples can play a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect. Treating anemia with apples can be eaten raw or cooked.

5, prevent aging

The calcium and vitamin E contained in apples have the effect of diuretic beauty and can help prevent aging.

6, anti-stroke

Apple is good for health and is the patron saint of women’s health. It is best to eat apples together with the skin, because compared with apple meat, apple skin has higher content of flavonoids, stronger antioxidant activity, and can prevent stroke in middle-aged and elderly women. However, because apples may use a large amount of pesticides during planting, if you do not carefully clean the apples, the chemical fertilizers and pesticides that remain in the apple skin may cause leukemia and other diseases. Therefore, if you can’t guarantee the apple’s “natural”, eat apples. It is best to wash and peel before.

7, relieve fatigue

Apples contain a lot of fiber, which helps to maintain blood sugar levels in the body, so eating an apple can make you feel full, and it is the best food for hunger. And when you feel tired, you can also eat some apples in moderation. It has a good effect of preventing and restoring fatigue.