What are the myths about kidney failure?

Chronic kidney disease will recur repeatedly. When the body is slightly stimulated, it may make the disease more and more serious, and even cause renal failure. In the end, life can only be maintained through dialysis. Therefore, patients with chronic kidney disease should actively treat the disease, and pay attention to avoid entering the misunderstanding when preventing and treating chronic kidney disease.

What misunderstandings need to be prevented to prevent chronic kidney disease?

1, blood creatinine is more than 150

Serum creatinine is the most common indicator for detecting renal function, and the range of indicators is between 40 and 130 μmol per liter. Some people think that blood creatinine exceeds 150 μmol, so don’t worry too much. In fact, this is wrong. As long as the patient goes to the hospital for examination and finds abnormalities, it means that kidney function has been damaged to some extent and must be treated in time.

2, kidney disease is cold

One type of IgA nephropathy is mainly caused by a short-term cold, so even a small cold can cause serious damage to kidney disease and even cause renal failure. Patients with kidney disease must do a good job of protecting themselves from cold and warmth in winter, adding clothes according to weather changes, participating in outdoor activities to enhance their physique, going to public places as little as possible, and preventing cross-infection from aggravating their illness.

3, nocturia

Patients with chronic kidney disease will develop leg and eyelid edema, darkened urine color, large amounts of foam in the urine, high blood pressure and increased blood and urine frequency, accompanied by leg cramps. When nocturia increases, it indicates that the renal tubular reabsorption function is reduced, and you must go to the hospital for drug treatment in a timely manner, and you cannot take it lightly.

4.Eating uric acid and diuretics is all right

There are many factors that cause chronic kidney disease, especially for people with renal function blood creatinine exceeding 150 per liter, it is necessary to be careful to use uric acid-lowering and diuretic drugs. In addition, do not use drugs that are toxic to the kidney for a long time, such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs can cause renal failure.

5, normal urine protein and no edema, it means that renal disease is better

In some patients, the edema disappeared and the urine protein became normal after taking the drug, and some patients would not continue to receive treatment. In fact, this is wrong, but the clinical symptoms have only eased. It is called cure only if the patient’s condition persists for about three years without recurrence. Patients must go to the hospital regularly for follow-up to maintain a good lifestyle and prevent the development of renal failure.