What are the precautions for eating fruit in winter?

A healthy diet that must be taken every day when eating fruit. Eating more fruits can balance the diet. How should the fruit be eaten? What are the taboos for eating fruits in winter?

When you eat fruit immediately after a meal, slow digestion of starch, protein and fat can affect fast-digesting fruits (fruit foods), which stay in the stomach for an hour or more, with digestion (digestive food) The liquid produces a chemical action that decomposes before it enters the small intestine for absorption. The fruit is prevented from advancing into the stomach and is spoiled at a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The main ingredient of fruit is fructose, which produces fermentation reaction and even spoilage changes at high temperatures in the stomach. It produces alcohol and toxins, and causes symptoms such as flatulence and constipation (constipation food), which has adverse effects on the digestive tract. Causes a variety of diseases, including heartburn, indigestion, abdominal pain and so on.

The fruit also contains a brass-like compound. If it is not able to enter the small intestine for digestion and absorption in time, it is blocked by the bacteria in the stomach and converted into dihydroxybenzoic acid, and the vegetables (vegetable food) are ingested. Contains thiocyanate, which interferes with thyroid function under the action of these two chemicals and can cause non-iodic goiter.

Four points to eat fruit:

  1. Many ingredients in fruit are water-soluble, and eating before meals is beneficial to the absorption of essential nutrients.
  2. Fruit is a low-calorie food, the average calorie is only 1/4 of the same weight of pasta, about 1/10 of the equivalent of pork and other meat. Eating low-calorie foods is easier to grasp the total calorie intake in a meal.
  3. Many fruits are easily oxidized and spoiled. Eating fruit first can shorten its residence time in the stomach, reduce its oxidation and corruption, and reduce the possible adverse effects on the body.
  4. While children (children’s food) are in a long physical period, some women belong to the “spleen and stomach deficiency” constitution of Chinese medicine, and it is not suitable or suitable for eating fruits before meals. This part of the population can add a fruit between meals.