What food to eat to reduce uric acid?

In fact, food does not directly reduce the effect of uric acid, we can only help to stabilize uric acid by improving the diet.

Hyperuricemia is a very common chronic disease in modern times. If hyperuricemia is not controlled for a long time, it may worsen into gout. About 8-18% of patients with high uric acid may deteriorate into gout and uric acid concentration is high. As the blood flows through, there is a greater chance of precipitation in the joints. Over time, uric acid forms uric acid crystals, which will stab the joints, make the joints red and swollen, and induce gout. The concentration of uric acid in our blood is closely related to the “purine ” content in the body. The final metabolite of sputum is uric acid. To control uric acid, we must find ways to inhibit the synthesis of sputum, and on the other hand, increase the excretion of uric acid.

The purine in the body mainly come from two aspects. On the one hand, it is endogenous, the purine produced by ourselves, and on the other hand, the purine taken from the daily diet and food. Endogenous sputum is mainly derived from the accounting of our aging or dead cells. Sometimes, if the body has a large number of cell deaths, there may be a significant increase in endogenous sputum, such as cancer patients after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Endogenous sputum accounts for 70-80% of total sputum, which is the main source of sputum in the body, but this part is difficult for us to actively control.

Relatively speaking, the amount of purine ingested from food only accounts for 20~30%, but many friends do not pay attention to the intake of food purine . This part of chanting is often the trigger line for inducing gout. In general, the uric acid produced by the sputum and the uric acid we metabolize can maintain a balance. The uric acid disorder may be caused by various reasons, such as lifestyle disorders, poor eating habits, psychological factors, etc., leading to endocrine disorders. Because endogenous sputum is difficult to control actively, and it is a relatively high part, so patients with high uric acid generally need to cooperate with drugs to co-condition. Every day should be adequately drinking water, about 2000ml per day is appropriate, some uric acid is discharged during urination, which helps to stabilize uric acid.

However, the exogenous nature that we can actively control must be controlled. There are many foods that can be eaten normally by patients with high uric acid. For example, cereals, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and fats are all OK. Foods that need to be controlled, such as meat and seafood, are recommended for meat. It is advisable to use about 50g per day. It is best not to choose poultry meat when your uric acid control is poor; seafood can choose sea cucumber and sea bream, but sea fish need to have a choice. It is best not to eat seafood food when your uric acid control is poor. The squid in the fish can be controlled, such as dried mullet, squid, squid, squid, squid, etc., but sorghum food must be avoided, such as octopus, sardines, saury, anchovies, squid, dried fish, Fish eggs and so on. Soy-based foods are best not eaten, but soy products can be eaten in moderation, such as soy milk, tofu skin, dried tofu, which is diluted in the production process, the content is not as high as soybean itself. Pay attention to the intake of dry goods, such as dried mushrooms, dried kelp, dried beans, these foods are best soaked for a long time, more steamed, remove more and then eat.