What happens to the body if you do not eat meat for a long time?

Due to the rapid rise of material conditions in modern society, we may eat more high-oil, high-fat, high-sugar foods in our daily diet. In addition to the convenience of life, we have also developed laziness, sedentary, and lack of exercise. Habits, which induce a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Fortunately, everyone started to pay attention to daily diet, avoid overeating, reduce high oil and fat, but at the same time, more and more misunderstandings have gradually increased, such as the “light diet” is not eating meat, not oil Do not touch salt; think that to avoid the occurrence of chronic diseases, you should eat less meat and eat less meat.

What happens to the body if you do not eat meat for a long time?
Advantages of meat over plant foods
In fact, a really reasonable diet is not the case, and you should make a personal diet plan based on your physical condition.

For example, obese patients and patients with hyperlipidemia can reduce some intakes on higher fat animal meat. For example, we can normally eat 40 ~ 75g of red lean meat of poultry and meat each day, which can now be reduced to 30 ~ 50g. For example, people with diabetes can eat less white flour and fine grains, and increase the proportion of whole grain foods and vegetables.

However, it must be noted that no matter how to improve the diet, it is not recommended to eat meat completely. Although meat does have more cholesterol and fats than plant foods, the benefits of meat are also very obvious. Meat, eggs, and dairy foods can provide rich and high-quality proteins. These protein structures and amino acid ratios are similar to humans. High degree, high absorption rate, and most of the plant protein belongs to “semi-complete protein”, the absorption rate is lower, and more ingredients are needed to make up.

The calcium, zinc and iron elements in meat are more prominent, especially the heme content is richer, especially the red lean meat is rich in heme iron, which can better supplement the iron element and prevent iron deficiency anemia, Iron in plant foods belongs to “non-heme iron”, and iron supplementation efficiency is low, and it is also hindered by phytic acid, tannic acid, and dietary fiber.

What happens to the body if you do not eat meat for a long time?
What are the consequences of a lack of meat intake?
If the meat is not taken in, the most obvious disadvantages are that it is prone to symptoms of weakness and anemia, the iron content in plant foods is not high, and the absorption rate is low. It can provide relatively rich iron in eggs, milk and soy foods, but it is also obviously not as lean as red meat. Especially for vegans, if they ignore the intake of a variety of iron-rich vegetables and soybeans for a long time, and do not pay attention to iron supplements, anemia symptoms are likely to occur.

Meat is rich in high-quality protein, fat and other ingredients, which can stimulate deliciousness, provide better satiety effect, higher satisfaction to the brain, long-term lack of meat will reduce brain satisfaction, which is relatively easier Overeating, eating high sugar content foods, such as cereals, potatoes, snacks, pastries, desserts, many vegetarians like to eat several bowls of rice at a time, it may be because the brain is less satisfied Make up for your own reasons, but compared to the point of intake of fat, intake of high sugar is actually more likely to cause more problems, such as high blood sugar, obesity, skin deterioration and other problems.

What happens to the body if you do not eat meat for a long time?
What about the consequences of ignoring meat, even custard and soy?
Meat and egg milk are the fastest sources of high-quality protein, and protein is really important to the human body because it is basically ubiquitous. Protein can synthesize enzymes, hormones, antibodies, transport proteins, and also participate in body fluids and penetration. Adjustment of pressure and pH. If you lack meat, ignore egg milk and soy to supplement protein, which can cause decreased immunity, internal environment imbalance, and induce a variety of sub-health states, such as hair loss, atrophy of the reproductive system, severe decline in muscle content, and even edema. In short, it is not recommended not to eat meat at all, proper intake, and increasing food diversity is the more scientific way of eating.