What is the hoarfrost on the grapes? Need to wash?

The grapes are succulent, sweet and sour, rich in vitamins, minerals, and anthocyanins with antioxidant effects. However, although eating grapes is good, washing grapes is a difficult thing. When you wash the grapes, it is estimated that there will be a doubt: What is the hoarfrost on the grapes? Does the hoarfrost on the grapes need to be cleaned? Will it be harmful if it is not cleaned and eaten?
What is the hoarfrost on the grapes?
Many people think that the hoarfrost on the grape skin is the result of accumulated dust, pesticides and other dirty things, but in fact, the hoarfrost on the grape skin is not a dirty thing, but a substance called “fruit powder”. It is a sugar alcohol substance secreted by the grape itself. It is a symbol of whether the grape is fresh or not. It is harmless to the human body after eating. Therefore, when cleaning grapes in the future, we do not have to pick up the grapes and wash them.
In addition to grapes, there are hoarfrost on the surface of fruits such as blueberries, prunes, plums, etc. In fact, they do not need to be scraped off, so you can rest assured.
Tips for cleaning grapes
Although the hoarfrost on the surface of the grapes does not need to be cleaned, in a bunch of grapes, the grapes are tightly licked, and there are more or less dirty things such as dirt, dust, insect secretions, etc. It has a certain difficulty. So, how can the grapes be washed and saved? Here are a few simple little steps to share:
First, prepare a bunch of grapes, cut them into small pieces, and use the water to wash off the dust and dirt on the surface;
Secondly, the washed grapes are placed in a pot and soaked in water for half an hour;
Finally, take the grapes out and rinse them several times with water.
Of course, if you are worried that the water can’t clean the grapes, you can also add a few spoonfuls of flour to the water during the process of soaking the grapes, so that the stickyness of the flour can “stick out” the dirt. You can also add salt or vinegar to soak the grapes in the water. In order to kill bacteria.