What kind of fruit is good for a cold?

If you have a common cold, try to eat less or not take medicine. Let’s take a look at what you can eat with a cold!

What kind of fruit is good for a child with a cold?

Children’s colds are closely related to vitamins. Combined with the causes and harms of colds, cold fruit selection is usually rich in vitamin C and a fruit. If the cold has symptoms that cause sore throat, pay attention to the choice of acidic fruits. For the lack of trace elements caused by colds, you may wish to catch more fruits and other types of fruits rich in calcium and zinc, depending on the condition.

What kind of fruit is good for a child with a cold?

Depending on the characteristics of your child’s cold, you may want to eat strawberries, grapes, pears, apples and oranges. In addition, radishes, pears, kiwis, citrus and other fruits can also be eaten in large quantities, mainly because these fruits contain certain chemically active ingredients, which have a certain inhibitory effect on cold viruses, can improve the body’s immunity, and are usually eaten properly to prevent colds. It also has a certain effect. But to note some fruits should pay attention to avoid eating during a cold.

Through the above introduction, I think many of my friends have some understanding of the problem of children eating cold and eating fruit. Experts in related fields reminded that although fruit has a positive effect on children’s colds, it is usually an auxiliary effect, so it is necessary to use other methods, especially the medical treatment method in children’s cold treatment.