What should I do if my blood sugar is high?

Now people’s living conditions have improved, people’s daily food has become rich and varied, and daily diets are becoming more and more refined. The rice, steamed buns and noodles that are usually eaten are processed through machines, and the carbon water in these foods. The compound is very high, and it is easily absorbed and absorbed by the body after entering the human body, thereby affecting blood sugar levels.

Many women still have the habit of drinking milk tea and eating sweets. The sugar content in these foods is very high. The blood sugar will rise after consumption, and the impact on vascular health is relatively large. So what should I do if I find that blood sugar is high? Try not to touch the three kinds of sugar foods in your life, and the blood sugar may gradually become stable. Let’s take a look.

Durian: Durian is recognized as the king of fruits. Many people often say that a durian has three chickens, which is enough to show that the nutritional value contained in durian is very high. Many women have the habit of eating durian in order to nourish the body and better help the body beauty and beauty. But in fact, durian is not only a thermal bomb, but the sugar content inside it is also not to be underestimated. Eating a bite of durian is equivalent to eating a teaspoon of sugar. For people with high blood sugar levels, keep away from durian foods. In addition, the common mango has a very high sugar content, and try to eat less in life.

Sugar cane: Many people have the habit of eating sugar cane. It is often said that eating sugar cane is mainly to enjoy the process of eating. After the sugar cane is chewed into the mouth, the residue is spit out, and the sugar cane juice is digested and absorbed by the body. Although the method of eating is very interesting, the sugar content in sugar cane is also very high.

The sugar contained in sugar cane is easily absorbed by the body, and the blood sugar of the human body will fluctuate greatly. Some friends like it, drinking sugar cane juice directly after drinking, a whole cup of sugar cane juice often needs 2-3 sugar cane, this cup goes down, the blood sugar in the body is easy to soar, everyone should pay more attention to it.

Honey: Many women have the habit of drinking honey water in their daily life. Drinking honey often helps the body to lax and remove excess toxins and garbage in the body. Honey water also has a certain beauty and beauty effect, but I have to admit that the sugar contained in honey is very high, and the polysaccharide component inside it can protect the health of the stomach after entering the human body, but it also causes blood sugar to rise. .

Therefore, in order to keep the blood sugar in the body stable, everyone should avoid drinking honey water, and can drink some chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea, dandelion tea, etc., which can promote the water circulation in the body, in the brewing of tea. At the time, be careful not to add rock sugar to the cup, and wait for 3-5 minutes for boiling water.

After discovering that the body has a high blood sugar level, everyone should eat less of the above-mentioned foods in normal times, and eat more green vegetables in peacetime. This can help the body to supplement dietary fiber. The coarse grains are used to replace the staple foods, such as common oats, corn, black rice, brown rice, etc., which can better promote the peristalsis of the human intestines. It is also helpful for stabilizing blood sugar. It is also necessary to exercise properly and consume better. Excess heat in the body.