What to eat to supplement vitamin C

As an indispensable substance in body health care, vitamins play a very important role in the metabolism and regulation of the body. Among them, vitamin C is the most common, which can improve fat and cholesterol metabolism and protect the cardiovascular system. Enhances the body’s antioxidant capacity, reveals youthfulness, and promotes bone development. It can be seen that its effect is still very large. Even so, some people will still face the situation of deficiency. Once they are lacking, they will need to be supplemented. The dietary supplement is the best. Many people will say that oranges have the most vitamin C. Just pick the oranges. Dimension C is the most.

In the minds of many people, citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. In fact, this is not the case. For oranges, vitamin C may reach 54 mg in 100 g of oranges. Compared with other ingredients, it is enough. However, with ” Compared with this kind of food with the reputation of “King of Victoria C”, the gap is still very big, this is Prickly Pear. Similarly, for 100g of prickly pear, vitamin C is as high as 2585mg, which is many times more than that of oranges.

It may be because it is rarely seen. It is only found in a few areas in China, such as some mountains in western Hubei, Xiangxi, and Guizhou. Perhaps it is the reason why it is not well known, but its nutritional value and health function It’s too big.

If you have not eaten this kind of food before, you may wish to buy a little and eat it back, absorb vitamin C, improve the skin, continuously dilute the melanin on the skin, avoid the formation of pigmentation, and achieve the purpose of whitening the skin. The skin’s ability to resist oxidation promotes the skin to become more delicate, shiny, and elastic, especially for women. It is a good idea to take a bit of prickly pear and take good care of the skin.

Eating Prickly Pear can absorb the acidic substances in it. This acidic component can help the body break down fat and cholesterol, and prevent these substances from accumulating in the body, which can prevent the occurrence of obesity. At the same time, insisting on eating this way is also helpful for improving the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, breaking down impurities in the blood vessels and promoting smoother blood flow.

It is very sweet to eat, but the sugar content is not high, and there are a lot of anthocyanins. These substances can reduce the viscosity of blood vessels and help lower blood sugar. Maintain good internal circulation and continuously improve the body.

The seemingly inconspicuous spiny pear is rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Such rich nutrition can help improve the body’s immunity, improve the body, and prevent people from getting sick. It is also a good dietary benefit.

However, considering that prickly pear is a cold food, after eating, it will affect the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is not recommended for people with diarrhea to eat more, and people with cold body should also eat less. So as not to eat too much and cause diarrhea. For pregnant women, vitamin C supplementation is necessary, but the pear is considered to be consumed as appropriate, especially for pregnant women with cold stomachs, which is not suitable for eating.

In addition, people who have a cold spleen and stomach should also avoid eating, so as not to aggravate the physical deficiency and cause unnecessary trouble and injury. More suitable for Yin Huowang people.

Many people lack vitamin C, and may choose to eat oranges. In fact, this is not the case. It is also helpful to eat this kind of “King of Vitamin C” prickly pear, so as not to eat the wrong food and cause big trouble It ’s too bad. Eating Prickly Pear will allow the body to reap these benefits. I hope that everyone will eat more and take good care of the body.