Where the specialty is the cherries

Where is the specialty of the cherries? Is the cherry acidic or alkaline? What is the fruit of the month? Can the cherries not eat together? The answer to these questions, Ai Xiumei Xiaobian tells you today that friends who like to eat a cherry will look down.

Where is the specialty of the cherries?

The cherries are the transliteration of the English word cherry (cherry), which is literally translated as “cherry” in Taiwan, Guangdong and Hong Kong. Imported cherries are mainly produced in the Americas, Canada, Chile and other countries in the Americas; domestic origins are mainly in Nanjing, Jiangsu, Zhuji, Zhejiang, Tai’an, Shandong, etc., it does not refer to a small red-skinned Chinese cherry, but a large Thick imported cherry. The cherries originated in Little Asia and their growth cycle is very similar to that of cherries.

Is the cherry alkaline or acidic?

It is an alkaline food, and most fruits are alkaline [except that I know that lychee and longan are acidic, and eating more will get angry]

Acidity and alkalinity are not judged by our taste, but by the rare minerals in food.

What is the fruit of the month?

The cherries are generally listed in mid-June, the United States is in the leading position in the production of cherries around the world, and more than 70% of the American cherries come from the northwest. In the middle of August, a small number of cherries in the high mountains were released, and the American cherries were completely dedicated to providing food.

Cherry can’t eat with cucumber

It is well known that the cherries belong to the “king of VC” in fruits, which contain high amounts of vitamin C, but cannot be eaten with cucumbers, because the decomposing enzymes contained in cucumbers reduce the VC in the cherries and affect the absorption of VC by the human body. .

Cherries can’t be eaten with carrots

The cherries contain a lot of vitamin C, which can effectively treat scurvy. The carrot contains an ascorbate, which reduces the effect of vitamin C on the human body, so the cherries cannot be eaten with carrots.

The cherries cannot be eaten with the animal liver

If the cherries are eaten together with the animal’s liver, the vitamin C contained in the cherries will be oxidized by the copper and iron ions in the animal’s liver. These vitamins C will be oxidized to dehydrogenated vitamin C, so the cherries will lose their original Nutritional value.

Cherry can’t eat together with hot ingredients

The cherries belong to a kind of warm fruit and are sweet. It should not be eaten with hot ingredients, such as durian, which are both hot and warm foods. Eating together can cause excessive anger in the body, which can lead to symptoms such as getting angry.