Which oil is better for hypertension

Edible oil is related to the physical health of millions of households, but it must be sloppy. Today we will take a look at what kind of cooking oil is suitable for hypertension patients!

As a person who knows how to cook, I am no stranger to these oils. For the first time, I will analyze it formally, and I will say my choice for your reference!

I suggest that you use olive oil, which is the most commonly used oil. Although I don’t have high blood pressure and high blood lipids, I still care about my maintenance.

Why do I say it? Olive oil is an oil that I often eat in my daily life. Its nutritional value is higher than that of other oils. It is more beneficial to people’s health. It contains some nutrients that lower blood pressure. For example, the monounsaturated fatty acids in it can help people reduce cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein and inhibit the formation of cellulite, which is more conducive to the health of blood vessels and lower blood pressure. It also contains polyphenols, which can help people Reduce blood viscosity, make people’s blood vessels in a smooth state, and thus play a role in improving blood pressure.

Eating some olive oil regularly can prevent some complications. Olive oil contains a large amount of oleic acid, which can help people regulate blood lipids and improve blood pressure. It can also help people protect the heart and brain blood vessels, thereby preventing the heart. The role of cerebrovascular disease. And we often say that linoleic acid can help our body reduce blood lipids and blood sugar, and at the same time have a certain role in protecting blood vessels, so whether you are already high blood pressure patients or high blood pressure patients can choose olive oil to eat.

Let me talk about some of the collocations I heard. Whether they are true or not has not been checked, but I have been here for so many years. I learned about these foods for better food: olive oil and broccoli together can help people prevent cancer and detox. Eating olive oil with cucumber can help people play a role in lowering blood lipids and nourishing the liver. Olive oil and bitter gourd can help people lower blood sugar and protect blood vessels.

There are also many ways to eat olive oil, which can also be used as a method of reducing blood pressure in people’s diet. For example, olive oil mixed with cucumber and olive oil mixed with vegetables are very delicious, which is also very good for people’s health. In short, the nutritional value of olive oil is relatively high, and it has many benefits for people’s health, especially for patients with high blood pressure. Eating some olive oil properly is beneficial to the health of blood vessels and can also help patients control blood pressure. .