White vinegar plus onions, can solve the sadness of white hair?

Rumors: White vinegar plus onion shampoo can treat white hair.

Rumors: Hair is extremely important for a person. It reflects the life course of a person. The ancients said: “You can’t keep your youth, white hair is natural.” Always hurts always comes with white hair, facing the hair early. Whitening, patients often have tremendous psychological pressure, which has led to a variety of so-called treatment of white hair remedies, such as the rumor mentioned in this article “white vinegar plus onion shampoo can treat white hair.”

If you want to find a way to treat white hair, you should first understand how white hair is produced.

Where does the white hair come from?

White onset, Western medicine is also called premature white hair, that is, the so-called “less white head” of Chinese medicine, refers to the hair whitening prematurely in adolescents, the hair is white. The generation of white hair is caused by the formation of melanin, which is caused by a decrease in tyrosinase activity and a decrease in melanocytes. Genes involved in tyrosinase activity play a major role in the regulation of melanin synthesis, while melanocytes are regulated by a specific transcription factor (MITF) in the body, which is an essential element of melanocyte growth and survival. Known as the “melanocyte master regulator.” In layman’s terms, the genes that regulate the synthesis of melanin in the human body are abnormal, which causes the hair to turn white. This explains why white hair tends to have family genetic characteristics.

It should be noted that the premature whitening of hair may be caused by congenital inheritance, or it may be caused by problems with acquired body functions. Chinese medicine divides white hair into qi stagnation and blood stasis, spleen deficiency and dampness, liver and kidney deficiency, and liver qi. Many syndromes such as stagnation, heart and liver blood deficiency, and excessive white hair in a person are often related to their physical discomfort. Today’s social life is under greater pressure. Young people may have a sudden increase in white hair in a short period of time. They may also be affected by external mental stresses such as fear, anxiety and tension.

Is white vinegar and onion shampoo feasible?

From the chemical composition analysis, the hair is mainly composed of keratin, and the optimum acidity for growth is 4.5-5.5. The main component of white vinegar is acetic acid and water, and its pH is about 2.9. Onions contain a variety of biologically active ingredients, such as sulfur compounds, which are an onion volatile oil with strong tearing irritating effects; in addition, it also contains steroidal saponins, flavonoids, polysaccharides and some small molecular components. There is currently no evidence that these components increase tyrosinase activity and increase the number of melanocytes.

Conversely, the strong irritating ingredients in the onions can cause some irritation to the hair follicles, not only do not have any effect on the treatment of white hair, but also feel uncomfortable when washing the hair. Therefore, white vinegar plus onion shampoo can treat white hair, this statement is undoubtedly wrong.

Make up blood, raise hair

Chinese medicine pays attention to the fact that the growth of hair stems from the support of qi and blood. When the blood is sufficient, the hair is dense; if the blood is weak, it will easily lead to whitening of the hair. At present, there is no curative chemical for the treatment of white hair in Western medicine, but we can still prevent the whitening of acquired hair by reducing day and night, avoiding anxiety and stress.

Although white vinegar plus onions, there is no solution to the sadness of white hair, but I still hope that everyone can maintain good habits and have a black and beautiful hair!