Why is the nutritional value of vegetables falling?

The nutritional value of vegetables today is no more than before! Have you heard such rumors? Is this true or not? Komaki Yamamoto, an expert at the Central Agricultural Experimental Unit of the Hokkaido Comprehensive Research Institute in Japan, expressed his views.

Mr. Xiaogongshan said that with the progress of the times, the cultivation methods and varieties of vegetables are constantly changing, so it cannot be compared with the nutritional value of previous vegetables. But in the case of spinach, the vitamin C contained is indeed showing a decreasing trend. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the development of cultivation technology makes spinach can be planted all year round. The wintering spinach has accumulated rich nutrition after 100 days of natural growth in winter, which is incomparable to the short-cycle harvested summer spinach. At the same time, the summer night temperature is high, the plant’s breathing capacity is increased, and excess sugar is consumed, so the vitamin C converted from sugar is also reduced.

Therefore, vegetables are changed in their nutrient content due to changes in the growth cycle. This view has also been supported by professors at the Women’s Nutrition University. Although it is an improvement to eat a variety of vegetables in any season, the nutritional balance of the diet is also very important, which requires us to adjust ourselves.