Why take liver medicine to eat liver failure?

There was a news report about a girl taking cold medicine because of a cold, which eventually led to kidney failure, so she almost lost her young life. Colds are a common disease in our daily lives, and we will even recover without treatment. It is difficult to imagine that colds have almost lost their lives. Among them, cold medicine is the “culprit” of this incident.

Cold medicine is not unfamiliar to all of us. It is a standing medicine in our family, but some ingredients may cause liver and kidney failure after a short overdose, such as acetaminophen. In addition, the misuse of drugs can lead to major causes of liver diseases such as drug-induced liver poisoning and drug-induced cirrhosis. Therefore, when using any drug, even over-the-counter drugs commonly used in daily life should pay attention to drug safety, and do not use drugs casually. Avoid liver damage.

1.Follow the doctor’s order or instructions

We are generally ill. We must first go to the hospital for a diagnosis before symptomatic treatment. If medication is needed, it is recommended to follow the doctor’s instructions and recommendations. This will make the symptom more symptomatic and prevent liver and kidney damage caused by overdose. If you have a common cold and use over-the-counter medicines by yourself, it is recommended that you use the medicines strictly in accordance with the instructions. Remember to not use too much. It is best to consult your doctor before taking the medicine. This is safer and more reliable, especially those that have greater liver damage. Try to avoid unauthorized use.

2.Do not use multiple drugs together

There may be similar components of the same type of drug. At the same time, it will double the effect of the lesion and cause a greater burden on the liver. This will easily cause liver damage. Generally, you can choose one of the same type of drug. Try to avoid using with the same type of drugs.

Secondly, even different types of drugs are not recommended to be used together, because there may be interactions between different types of drugs. Using them together may increase the toxic and side effects of the drugs, which will also cause certain liver damage. It is suggested that you can use another medicine more than half an hour after taking one medicine, or use the medicine correctly according to the instructions and follow the doctor’s instructions.


The above two points are precautions in daily medication, which can prevent liver damage. In addition, pay attention to some adverse reactions caused by the use of drugs. If there are obvious symptoms of discomfort, the drug should be stopped immediately, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment. Relevant examinations, communicate with the doctor to change the medication.