Why use mustard when eating sashimi? Can mustard kill parasites?

Why use mustard when eating sashimi?

Mustard can play a role in appetizing and sterilizing. Because the sashimi is a low-temperature treatment, it is still a raw food, so you can take some mustard and eat it, which is safe and appetizing.

Sashimi, also known as sashimi, is a fish, known as fish gills, clams or clams. It is a general term for foods that are cut into pieces by fresh fish and shellfish and eaten with seasonings. Mustard has a pungent odor, mainly derived from mustard oil in mustard. It is an isothiocyanate with bactericidal effect and can inhibit the growth of mold and other bacteria in food.

When you eat Japanese food, you only need to order the sashimi, which will be mixed with soy sauce and soy sauce. This is because the raw fish fillets are even blood, or can not be cooked, there will be certain bacteria, and the mustard is very big. One of the functions is sterilization, and the mustard also has the effect of resolving the poison of fish and shrimp, so when eating sashimi, it is usually accompanied by mustard. Some people even like the very spicy taste, which is particularly appetizing and stimulating appetite.

Can mustard kill parasites?

Although mustard has a bactericidal effect, it does not kill parasites.

Although eating sashimi to extract some mustard can play a bactericidal role, mustard does not kill the parasites that survive in sashimi, so it is wrong to try to kill the parasite by picking mustard. Although studies have shown that mustard juice can kill 100% of larvae as long as it reaches a certain concentration and time. But look closely at the data, the so-called “certain time” refers to 45-50 minutes.

“Whether raw or cooked, the key lies in the treatment before eating. It is unscientific to hope that the insects will be sterilized during the eating process.” Experts said that scientific experiments have shown that only the salmon is soaked at a very high concentration. In mustard, after more than 55 hours, it is possible to kill a small amount of anisakis. Therefore, when we eat it, the salmon slices are only exposed to a small amount of mustard juice for a short period of time and cannot kill any parasites.

The efficacy and effect of mustard


The main spicy ingredient of mustard is mustard oil, which has strong spicy taste, can promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, has an appetizing power, can increase appetite, if the appetite is weak and can eat mustard, you can increase the appetite by eating mustard.


The scent of mustard in mustard is derived from mustard oil, an isothiocyanate that has a bactericidal effect and inhibits the growth of mold and other toxic bacteria in food.


Mustard does not have a strong detoxification function, can solve the poison of fish and crab, so raw food such as raw salmon is often accompanied by mustard. Mustard also has a certain effect on reducing blood viscosity, adjuvant asthma, and preventing tooth decay.

Beauty and beauty

Mustard oil also has the effect of beauty and beauty. In the body industry, mustard oil is a good massage oil. Mustard has strong spicy taste and strong stimulating effect. It can regulate female endocrine, enhance sexual function, stimulate blood vessel expansion, enhance facial blood circulation, and make women’s face more rosy.

Tooth protection against cancer

The isothiocyanate in mustard not only has a preventive effect on dental caries, but also inhibits the canceration of healthy cells and inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells.