Winter Diet Care Guide

Cold sore throat – try the lozenge

Many people don’t care about the dry itchy pain of the throat. In fact, often the throat does not care, it may lead to repeated attacks of chronic pharyngitis, and it will not heal. Therefore, we must pay attention to protection. When there is a cold, sore throat, excessive use of sputum, morning sputum dry itching and other throat discomfort, it may contain some Chinese medicine lozenges with activating effect, such as slow Yan Shu Ning lozenges, the main ingredients of green fruit, fat sea has the effect of clearing heat and pharynx throat . It is also convenient and timely to use the buccal tablets, which can quickly relieve local symptoms.

Chronic pharyngitis – professional treatment

The typical symptoms of chronic pharyngitis are dry itching of the throat, foreign body sensation, etc. If these symptoms persist for a long time, then it is necessary to consider chronic pharyngitis. Chronic pharyngitis affects the quality of life and the mood of patients, and should be treated promptly. Director Liu mentioned in the interview that the slow and sturdy Chinese herbal medicine has certain advantages in the treatment of chronic pharyngitis. The chronic pharyngitis is mostly caused by spleen and kidney yin deficiency, virtual fire inflammation, smoldering throat or visceral dysfunction, with fat sea and green fruit. The main medicine is clearing heat, nourishing lung, Shengjin, and pharynx. It is all about nourishing yin and clearing heat, producing phlegm and blood stasis, widening chest and throat, and professionally treating chronic pharyngitis.

Prevention and treatment of recurrence – careful care

The health of the throat requires daily care to avoid recurrence or prolonged unhealed. On the diet, avoid spicy stimulation, barbecue fire, fried greasy food; indoors, to maintain proper temperature and humidity, it is best to use a humidifier; when going out, bring a scarf to avoid the throat cold; speak more, want Drink plenty of water, you can also drink green tea and add some honey or rock sugar; in winter, you can eat more fruits that are more sweet and light, and have the effect of clearing heat and fluid, such as Sydney, grapefruit, and medlar.